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Simple 2D drawings sometimes pose limitations in understanding the concept of the matter, But 3D CAD Modeling Services are effective to understand the concept and improve its future.


What is 3D CAD Modeling Services?

We deliver top quality 3D CAD Modeling services to our global clientele based out of the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Singapore, Norway, Ireland UAE region.

We know each object has three dimensions: Length, width, and depth. It means you can see an object from six different perspectives: front, back, right, left, upper, and lower.

When you draw a shape on a sheet of paper it usually involves two dimensions: Length & width. If you wish to see all dimensions and perspectives, You will have no way to see it in any 2D CAD drawing, and here is the scope of 3D CAD modeling to function.

Like a real object, our virtual 3D CAD model has all properties including, material, weight, size, shape, depth, and a variety of other optical and physical properties.

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Why Do You Need Professional Services?

  1. You Have A Concept:- Suppose you have a concept for an object or a plan. Now, you wish to see it in virtual reality before you manufacture or make it.
  2. Need Prototypes:- It is 3D CAD Drawing services at Shalin Designs that lets you inject various materials, change shapes & sizes, and tweak with tolerance, velocity, and other myriads of physical properties. Thus, you can prepare various prototypes of the product.
  3. Testing in Real-life Contexts:- Yes, our 3D CAD models behave akin to real-life objects and let you test the product prototypes in various conditions and contexts.
  4. Early Visualization:- Suppose you are in the construction industry and your clientele often demands a visual imprint of your plans/drawings, with all dimensions, you need to go for 3D modeling using the latest software like Autodesk Revit or Autodesk 3D Max.
    Our latest 3D CAD modeling software has capabilities to give you quick results, plenty of options to explore, and real-life visualization of the scene or object.

Areas of Services at Shalin Designs:

3D Modeling Service at Shalin Designs Meets Your Expectations

3D CAD Modeling
  1. Everyone in the industry strives for well-thought and well-made CAD models and drawings.
  2. For the same, we have experienced and expert engineers of different faculties.
  3. We create 3D CAD models after adequate brainstorming and incorporating the feedback of the clients themselves.
  4. It must be easy to update the changes in 2D models and it automatically reflect in 3D models like Autodesk Revit does for civil engineers and architects while creating 3D building models.
  1. High-quality drawings based on 3D models always are clean, comprehensive, and with standard annotations.
  2. Repeated checking of drawings at different levels by engineers and professionals make them foolproof.
  1. If you have a product idea, our designers can turn it into easy-to-understand drawings and 3D models based on the product engineering fundamentals and practices prevailing in the industry.
  2. This is the fastest way of creating a final concept of your innovative products and visualizing their functionality by creating a 2D CAD model.
  1. We are creating Walkthrough or product process animation give product-functionality a vision and helps in further refining.
  1. Simply, hand over a sample of your product. We will scan it and create drawings based on those outcomes and define tolerances.
  2. Now, you have ample room to make changes as per your new concept/idea of your/own product and we will give you a 3D model for the same.
  3. We go beyond a preliminary class while showing our skills in 3D CAD surface modeling and resolve highly intricate issues using our prolonged and profound experiences and expertise.
  1. The third-party inspection makes the difference when you opt for fine-grained details and foolproof drawings.
  2. We have expert consultants for the same. It saves your time too because a good tolerance check demands 2-4 hours and some 3D CAD models have several.
  3. We are capable of improving your design cycle by placing multiple stacks at once.

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