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When computers aided their immense computing capabilities in drawing a new era began and called CAD design.
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We Are Leader In CAD Design Services

Shalin Designs is one of the leading CAD design and engineering design service provider company. Be it product design, CAD drafting, 3D CAD modeling, or sheet metal design, we specialize in many design services. We have a group of dedicated CAD engineers and designers who possess an immense capability of transforming your ideas into shop drawings, 3D models, furniture design, etc. We deliver expert services in countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Singapore, Norway, Ireland UAE region.

We at Shalin Designs have earned a vast specialization in CAD drafting. With us, you can get cost-effective CAD conversion services, which streamline overall operations for a great cost advantage. Being a popular brand in the USA, UK and Canada. we offer top-rated engineering design services and possess an outstanding track record when it comes to completing projects for engineering consultants and product design companies across the world. We provide CAD design services endeavoring to empower clients to adapt quickly to the changing project requirements and offer full control and optimization of resources.


Know more about our quality industrial engineering design service offerings.

3D CAD Modeling Services


A simple 2D drawing sometimes poses limitations in understanding the concept of the matter, But 3D CAD drawings & Models.
Read more about 3D CAD Modeling

Millwork Drafting Services

Millwork Furniture Designs Services

Maximize space utility by using our millwork furniture services. Our furniture interior & exterior drawings let you do so.
Read more about Millwork Drafting

CAD Design and Drafting

CAD designs services showcasing innovative 3D modeling for modern designs.

We deliver advanced mechanical engineering solutions, CAD, as well as design services to mechanical design engineering.
Read more about CAD Design & Drafting

CAD Conversion Services

CAD Conversion Services

We will make you a pioneer in digital transformation by offering out-of-box CAD conversion services. Read more about CAD Conversion

3D Furniture Design

3D Furniture Design Services

Furniture designers and manufacturers can now breathe life into their furniture with realistic 3D models.
Read more about 3D Furniture Design

Product Design Services

Product Design Services

Enhance existing products or get product design & development workflow with our engineers for your innovative concept.
Read more about Product Design

Industries We Serve
Following are some of the major industry sectors we cater to


Furniture and Fixtures


Industrial/Commercial Machinery

Industrial Machinery

Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment



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