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Furniture is essential in every home design. It leads to bespoke furniture design, and our expertise in the industry is known. However, furniture could be varied in size, shapes, material, styles, and purposes. Therefore, we design each piece of furniture considering the space, usability, and other metrics.

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Bespoke Furniture Design Services at Shalin Design

Shalin Design provides bespoke furniture design services for furniture in different areas of your home, such as:

Bespoke Furniture Design for Dining & Sitting Areas

The dining room is the most used space in a home and also the most neglected area in a home. You can focus on the following furniture components in your dining and sitting areas.
  • Dining tables and chairs: They could be fixed or extended. The designated dining table is a simple solution for limited space. Chairs mainly accompany it to offer flexibility. You can pull apart the tabletop in the extended table to increase the functional area.
  • Area rug: It covers only the dining area. It creates a frame for arranging dining area furniture and defining the dining space. It adds comfort, warmth, and décor the room with a suitable design.
  • Sideboard cabinet: It holds everyday or occasional tableware. Its tabletop facilitates the arrangement of food dishes when a self-service dinner has been arranged. You can place attractive flower vases, plants, candles, and portraits in the dining spaces.
  • Cupboard stores pottery, food, and other essential items in your dining area. It also shows off dinnerware and glassware.
  • Buffet console: It is long and low storage furniture resembling the sideboard cabinet in function but with hinged legs. Its top is helpful in décor with flower vases, miniatures, and table lamps. It is beneficial to serve different drinks and refreshments to the guests.
  • Tablecloth: We create a simple print tablecloth that adds a statement in the design and offers functionality and capabilities of cleaning and further decorating.
  • Centerpiece accessories: Our design includes candles, flower vases, and plants as centerpiece accessories on your dining table.
  • Serving cart: It lets you easily pass the food. We offer a handy and straightforward design for your serving cart.

We provide custom designs for each component keeping your tastes and requirements in mind.

Bespoke Furniture Design for Living Room Area

We provide different types of bespoke furniture designs for living room areas, such as:
  • Modern living room furniture design.
  • Contemporary living room furniture design.
  • Traditional living room furniture design.
  • Stylish living room furniture design.

Our living room furniture design consists of the following furniture items:

  • Sofa set: It’s an ideal furniture item in the living room that provides comfortable sitting for long hours. We provide various types of sofas with specified designs with excellent placements and befitting in your living room space plus your budget.
  • TV Cabinet: The living room is ideal for enjoying TV with your family and guests. We provide a range of TV cabinet and TV stand ideas in our design options.
  • Coffee Table: It serves as a focal point of all furniture in the living room. We provide coffee table design for a range of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic.
  • Chairs: We offer chair designs for traditional to modern chairs keeping your space available in the living room. Chairs are breaking the monotony of sitting areas.

Bespoke Furniture Design for Reading Area

Our reading room design consists of the following essential furniture items, such as:

Reading Room Chairs:
We provide design for different types of chairs for the reading room, including…

  • Chaise Lounge
  • Rocking chairs
  • Office chairs
  • Recliner
  • Couch or sofa

Reading Nook Bench:
It provides seating and storage facilities.

Reading Nook Side Table:
It serves two purposes: storage for books and a place for your drinks.

To place the books and read them.

Bespoke Furniture Design for Office Desk Working Area

  • Desk & Chairs: The office is the place where we spend a significant portion of the day working at a desk and sitting on chairs. Therefore, we design desks and chairs keeping ergonomic principles in mind. If your work is with desktop or laptop computing devices, we accommodate spaces and height of desks and chairs accordingly.
    We build large desks to accommodate papers, files, reports, and sheets if your work involves heavy paperwork.
  • Office Cafeteria: A small office cafeteria involves a few chairs, tables, and a stand for an oven or water boiler. We design the placement of these items using space optimally.
  • Boards: White/black boards with stands are essential furniture to hold meetings or conferences in your office. Allocate specific areas with chairs or stools to sit and discuss the work.
  • Partitions or Dividers: The open office concept is trendy and demands wooden or metal partitions or glasses as transparent or translucent partitions. You can use sound panels to create noise-less or no-disturbance areas.
  • Reception Desk: We create a vibrant design for your reception desk and chairs for receptionists and visitors. We choose a round or rectangular reception desk based on their placement: near the wall or central. We provide enough space for sitting and moving around the reception desk.

Bespoke Furniture Design for Open Library Area

Our open library furniture design consists of suitable bookcases or bookshelves, chairs to seat, and small to large tables to place and read the books. We offer designs for double-sided bookcases, low bookshelves, and open cupboards for book display.

Bespoke Furniture Design for Bedroom Area

We include the following furniture items in designing the bedroom area.

  • Bed frame
  • Mattress
  • Nightstand
  • Dresser
  • Bedroom bench
  • Vanity
  • Accent chairs
  • Tables

We provide a good option for their placements, sizes, heights, widths, lengths, shapes, styles, materials, finishes, and colors.

Bespoke Furniture Design Process at Shalin Design

Our business analyst team gathers information regarding clients' requirements, preferences, and, most importantly, budget at the initial stage.
Based on the gathered information, we research existing products in the market and whether any solution exists.
When we find no solution in the market for the requirements, we plan its design and development strategy. Our engineers and drafters start drafting the new furniture design solution.
stand cad design
stand cad design
We create enough design options and pass them to the client-side team to give their feedback.
Once we receive feedback, we start incorporating them into the design and amend it until the client seems satisfied.
After the approval of the final prototype, we prepare drafts for final delivery to the client.

Shalin Design: An Excellent Destination for Bespoke Furniture Design

Shalin Design is an excellent destination for bespoke furniture design services because:
stand cad design
Shalin Design has a team of CAD drafters, 3D modelers, and 3D renderers with years of expertise working on global projects with diverse requirements and challenges.
We have the latest software, hardware, and tools to create advanced CAD and 3D solutions for your bespoke furniture design.
We are experts in CAD and 3D software and hardware. Therefore, we create designs fast with desired precision. Thus, you will gain your design with fast turnarounds and high-quality drawings.
We always consider the client's budgetary constraints and take cost-effective approaches to deliver high-end solutions at competitive rates in the market.

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