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Shalin Designs provide best 3D Furniture Modeling Services needs. Our experienced team of 3D Furniture Designers helps you prepare the highest quality photo-realistic images that enhance your success rate in market.


Why 3D Furniture Drawing Services?

  • Huge product range: Furniture has a huge product range and demonstrating each genre, category, and sub-category is impossible if you are going to create a real-life specimen/sample.
  • Big in size: On an average furniture pieces are big. If you think of professional photography, it needs to ship to the photo studio. It creates logistic and security issues.
  • Keeping stunning look: It needs to be brand new, no scratches, and completely upholstered
  • Addressing finishes and surface textures: Furniture drawing has an abundance of finishes and surface texture as a natural product should have. Creating specimens for each type is not affordable, even just for a photoshoot!.
  • Clients demand options: Today, customers have their choices and they wish to tweak with all. So, 3D furniture rendering is only an option to meet their needs with real-time changes.
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Where Will You Display 3D Furniture Design?

  1. Online
    • Own Website
    • Mobile apps
    • Videos like YouTube, Instagram, etc.
    • Social media like Pinterest, Facebook, etc.
    • Online marketing channels like email
  1. Print media
    • Brochure
    • Photo collate
    • Leaflet
    • Line-sheet image

Process of 3D Furniture Design and Drawing

Different Levels of 3D Furniture Design Services at Shalin Designs

  • Mid-level 3D furniture rendering services yield proper texture finishes and scale but miss realistic wrinkles and stitches.
  • High-level 3D furniture rendering services fulfill the gap of material-feel you see in mid-level rendering by showing wrinkles and stitches in wooden and metal materials.
  • Photorealistic 3D furniture rendering services also reveal natural imperfections found in different types of woods and metals.
  • Revit Family 3D furniture modeling services for the professionals who are accustomed to Revit and need our specialized services.
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Different Types of 3D Furniture Design Services at Shalin Designs

When you are after beauty, unmatched design, and realistic-photo designing for your next 3D CAD modeling for furniture, Shalin Designs is an unbeatable option. We offer a wide spectrum of 3D furniture designing services:

Interior designers and architects are our esteemed patrons. Their home 3D furniture modeling projects usually consist of kitchen, living room, bedroom, balcony, and storage area furniture designing. Our superb room rendering with live-like furniture pieces makes it more awesome than you imagine. We focus on aesthetics and functionality both at once while rendering furniture 3D models.
Patios, pools, paths, gardens, streets, and other outdoor areas also demand planning and careful construction of different kinds of furniture pieces. Be it natural woods; be it natural stones; be it metals, we justify every kind of outdoor 3D furniture modeling service with equal enthusiasm and skills.
SMBs (Small & Medium Businesses) are always looking for viable furniture solutions, and Shalin Designs become the hot spot for their desired rendering options. Our portfolio contains showrooms, retail shops, offices, and garage furniture designs.
Giant corporations and government organizations have typical requirements for managing their spaces, we come up with ergonomic furniture 3D models to address all fantastically.
Industrial furniture means amalgamation of utility, space constraints, and convenience at the core. We have designed 3D CAD furniture for warehouses, factories, processing units, storage units, and public areas in various industrial premises.
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General and cold storage buildings also demand specific 3D furniture rendering services to visualize their furniture pieces before creation to fit in their needs.
Various healthcare units ranging from big hospitals to small clinics have a unique set of furniture needs. We are detail-oriented 3D modelers. Hire 3D furniture modelers from Shalin Designs and see the difference in throughput.
Swimming pools, spas, and various sports venues are for different recreational activities. Therefore, they have specific needs in furniture designing too, and we meet everything with robust outputs.
Hotels, restaurants, and tourists centers are chief components of the hospitality industry where comfort, convenience, and usability are prime factors that we need to address while creating hospitality 3D furniture models at Shalin Designs.

Trade-Mill & Manufacturers Friendly

Trade-mill and furniture design brands have highly specific demands according to their branding needs and order batches. We have trained 3D CAD modeling experts to justify each component carefully and provide precise details in 3D furniture CAD. Our team has expertise in office furniture design, storage, rooms small spaces, living room designs, tables chairs, small live areas, rooms furnishings, dining, kitchen modular, furnishings manufactured, kitchen furnishings, balcony design, working offices, tables dining, dining room designs, office chairs, dining chairs, home office, and more for RESIDENTIAL DESIGN, SCHOOLS, and COMMERCIAL OFFICE INTERIOR DESIGN.

On-time delivery and assured quality are our prime aims while serving the clients; be it on-shore; be it off-shore once. We deliver top-quality 3D Furniture Design services to our global clientele based out in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Singapore, Norway, Ireland UAE region.

You can leverage our immense capability at Shalin Designs to make your 3D furniture modeling true. Let’s discuss your next project.

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