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Product design is the process designers use to blend user needs with business goals to help brands make consistently successful Industrial and manufacturing products.


Who Can Leverage 3D Product Design Services ?

Automotive/Automobile Industry Product Design Services

Our automotive or automobile engineers used to deal with hundreds of automotive or automobile components that fall into four main categories, which are the chassis, engine, transmission system, and body.

Handover your sketches, drawings, or just narrate your concept in technical terms.

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Mechanical Industry Product Design Services

Our mechanical engineers know that a mechanical system is a set of physical parts. These components are capable of converting an input force & motion into desired output force & motion. The conversion demands a process.

We used to deal with your manufacturing drawings or sketches of physical parts of the mechanical system and prepare 2D drafts first and then convert them into a 3D CAD model. So, you can see them in motion with intricate animations.

Industrial and Manufacturing 3D Product Design Services

The following are some product design services you can find at Shalin Designs.

Product design research means looking at the detailed insights of various product attributes. To gain a competitive advantage we also help you in providing benchmarking to product changes.

Produce physical components and we will scan them using the latest scanning tools that automatically convert the results into CAD data. It helps us to create a 3D model of the existing product/s.

Next, you will have options to make changes according to your concept or requirements within your contexts. Thus, our reverse engineering lets you modify the existing product and enhance its usability.

Our subject matter experts CAD product engineers are capable of providing your immense level of depth in product details with the required precision level. It means you can dive from an inch-unit to a nano-meter unit while seeing the product in 3D perspectives.

When it is a matter of look-n-feel, the product style, and product aesthetic play big parts. Our product engineers look after these aspects in their respective engineering niches. It means mechanical engineers know-how mechanical products look in style and aesthetic.
Our product ergonomic CAD designers know the fundamentals of ergonomic science and can turn product design from flat-professional to human-usage-friendly.
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Checking myriads of material options for your products is a possibility in our 3D CAD rendering services. We let our patrons check cost-effective product material options in the system prior to manufacturing.
Modern 2D/3D CAD software systems have built-in or plugin capability to make product cost estimation by filling costing parameters. Our product costing or product valuation experts can help you in due course as well.
Managing product changes is daunting throughout the product development cycle when you intend to have the visualization in advance. We have ECR/ECN/ECO processing experts and can manage such changes effectively.

It is possible that your existing product design portfolio can work further in other cases. So, we willingly help our patrons to extend their product design further and get multiple benefits from their investment.

Similarly, we are revising product functionality for better results as a part of our product QA services. We also offer product documentation and audit services along with cross-platform product integration and testing.

Why Shalin Designs for Your Mechanical Product Design Project?

The following prime characteristics act as a magnet to bring quality clients to us.

  • We are innovative.
  • We favor invention.
  • We believe in development.
  • At the core, we are engineers.
  • We offer SPOC (Single Point of Contact).
  • We have a global delivery center to meet the diverse needs of global clients.
  • We use next-generation technologies and tools besides traditional ones.
  • Cost-efficient and flexible pricing.
  • We have integrated industry expertise.

We deliver top quality Industrial Product Design services to our global clientele based out of the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Singapore, Norway, Ireland UAE region.

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