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Shalin Design is a sheet metal design and drawing services company working for contractors, fabricators, and engineers to help them in reducing material scrap, minimize the schedule for product development, and deliver top-notch products.

Our extensive experience and expertise in handling various CAD platforms, including AutoCAD & SolidWorks, enable us to fulfill the requirements of material handlers, sheet Metal, OEMs, and HVAC contractors.

sheet metal drawings

Sheet Metal Design & Drawing Services at Shalin Design

Our sheet metal design and drawing services encompass the following.
  • Sheet metal component or product design and drawing services: Our sheet metal component/product design and drawing services include designing various types of enclosures, other body parts, parts or components of vessels or containers, etc. We provide accurate drawings that lead to faster turnaround time from concept to manufacturing.
  • Sheet Metal Shop Drawings: We provide fully documented sheet metal drawings for ducting (HVAC) projects with appropriate tagging, dimensions, annotation, and duct size from the grid or columns. When we prepare sheet metal shop drawings or fabrication drawings, we take care of all ducts that must be drawn or routed most professionally or flagged off.
  • Sheet Metal Design Services: Our sheet metal design services provide DFA (Design-for-assembly) and DFM (Design-for-manufacturing). We provide sheet metal forming design with critical dimensions, embosses, offsets, bend radius & relief, creating near holes, height-to-thickness ratio, and edge distortion.
  • Sheet Metal Drafting: Our drafters follow drafting codes and standards prevailing in each country of the world and provide locally approved sheet metal drafts. Whether you are an engineer or a design company, we precisely provide drafts reflecting your concepts and requirements.
  • Sheet Metal Consultancy Drawings: Our experts can prepare sleeve or mechanical penetration drawings so contractors can provide clear sleeves in horizontal or vertical spaces.
  • Sheet Metal MEP Shop Drawings: Our strong team of sheet metal MEP drawing experts comprises MEP, civil, and electromechanical engineers and contractors to prepare standard and precise drawings. The team also contains fabricators, suppliers, and manufacturers with years of industry experience to give a professional touch to the drawings.
  • Fire Fighting Pre-Feb Drawings: We provide advanced and highly secure fire fighting design using sheet metal components in the building. In due course, we follow NFPA standards or international standards.
  • AS Built Services: We use AutoCAD and Revit like advanced software to create CAD and BIM models for your sheet metal design. We use scanned copy, point cloud, markup, photo, etc. Similarly, we use Leica Cyclone for point cloud as a built service.

Sheet Metal Design & Drawing Process at Shalin Design

We identify design patterns and specifications.
We prepare prototypes with different design options and evaluate them.
We polish the design for manufacturing, considering various manufacturing aspects.
We optimize the design and manufacturing process.
sheet metal drawing services
sheet metal drawing services
We prepare a proposal with ballpark cost estimation based on material, labor, and number of operations involved.
We calculate the adequate size of corner reliefs, band angles, and radii.
We accomplish 2D sheet metal drawings following international drafting standards.
We prepare 3D models of objects/products based on 2D drawings with precise dimensions, materials, and textures.

Shalin Design: An Excellent Destination for Sheet Metal Design & Drawings

For the following reasons, you can consider Shalin Design as an excellent destination for sheet metal design and drawing services.
Our team consists of certified professionals in their respective fields. We choose qualified professionals with the latest skills to create sheet Metal designs and drawings for different disciplines and domains.
We provide extensive training to our team members periodically to hone their skills in keeping pace with tech innovations and trends. So, they know industry and customer expectations beautifully. Moreover, our team has worked on several sheet metal design and drawing projects for global clients.
Shalin Design is a global company because we have served many international clients representing various regions and countries of the world. It also means we know the codes and design/drawing standards of different countries across the globe and provide satisfactory solutions.
sheet metal design
sheet metal design and drawing
Shalin Design follows the ISO compliance process and provides standards of design and drawing documents to go for manufacturing.
We have adequate infrastructure to accomplish advanced sheet metal design and drawings projects because we have invested in hardware, software, tools, and networking facilities.
We offer highly competitive rates in the market without compromising quality delivery. Moreover, our experts accomplish their work quickly, saving you time and money.
We keep our word and provide delivery within the given timeline. We allocate more resources if your project seems challenging and complex but keep your deadlines anyhow.

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