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Shalin Designs provides expert Heat, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) design and drafting services to meet the ever-growing need of our global clients. We maintains high quality outputs in CAD design and drafting for HVAC systems for different requirements.

hvac cad design and drafting

HVAC CAD Design & Drafting Services

The principle function of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) service is to maintain a tolerable ambiance in a building.

In a chilled winter, you need heating and ventilation, while in a hot summer, you need an Air Conditioning system to cool the room temperature.

Therefore, no home has left without the HVAC system. Shalin Design maintains high quality outputs in CAD design and drafting for HVAC systems for different requirements.

Why Do You Need Custom HVAC Design Services?

Today, a clash-free construction environment is not an ideology. Still, it is a reality thanks to our 2D and 3D CAD software, which simulate design digitally right from its planning.

Our principle aim behind offering HVAC design services is to provide extreme comfort to HVAC design engineers and a high level of safety to the entire construction.

The best part of our HVAC design is to enhance overall efficiencies, boost global footprints, and aid in your competitiveness in your niche market.

A careful HVAC system design can lead to high energy savings. We do so by improving the interoperability of HVAC components by providing the best HVAC drafting and designing services.

HVAC drawing

Full-service HVAC Design Process

Load Calculations :

  • Calculating room-by-room loads while factoring the entire building envelope. Insulation levels and air infiltration through windows and doors.
  • Added calculation of heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.
  • Thus, we gain total BTUs and CFM (Cubic Feet per minute) of air conditioning at the end.

Equipment Selection :

  • We are familiar with HVAC equipment: heating, cooling, ventilating system, air filtration, and ductwork design.
  • Moreover, we know OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and their drawings and drafting.
  • Thus, we avoid cost overruns by unwanted and oversized equipment.

Distribution Equipment :

  • We offer the precise location of major equipment in the HVAC system, supply registers, grills, and diffusers.
  • Moreover, we offer mechanical room equipment schedules and specifications that you can use in ballpark cost estimation and bidding for suppliers.

System Duct Routing :

  • Our HVAC design facilitates duct system clearance and minimum bends in the duct system. Moreover, we offer a complete set of mechanical HVAC floor plans for direct construction.

Why Shalin Design for Your HVAC CAD Drafting & Design Services?

Experience in Different Industries :

  • Residential: our services support all kinds of dwellings, from single homes to multistory buildings.
  • Commercial: We support shops, shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels for their HVAC CAD design.
  • Industrial : Our mechanical engineers are familiar with various industrial establishments to provide HVAC CAD design and drafting services, including small to large manufacturing units, warehouses, server rooms, data centers, power plants, etc.

Expertise in All System Types :

  1. Heating: Our HVAC experts are skilled in boilers, furnaces, and gas burners technologies for HVAC.
  2. Cooling: Our team has enough experience dealing with refrigeration, air conditioners, and chilling systems.
  3. Ventilation : Our HVAC engineers have expertise in filters, air purifiers, de/humidifiers, exhaust hoods, whole-house ventilation, temperature control, and energy management systems.

Our HVAC Drafting and Design Services in CAD at Shalin Design

  • Drafting Services for HVAC in Construction Plan Drawings
  • HVAC Loads Calculation (Heating & Cooling)
  • HVAC Pipe sizing and its Layout Design
  • Duct Sizing and Design layout Plan Drawings
  • Piping Sizing and Design layout plan drafting
  • 3D Piping & Ducting Modeling Services
  • 3D HVAC Model with Architectural Modeling
  • Bill of Quantity (BOQ) Generation
HVAC duct drawing
HVAC CAD design

HVAC Drafting & Design Tools at Shalin Design

  • HAP
  • Block Load
  • Building System Optimizer
  • Engineering Economic Analysis
  • System Design Load
  • Refrigerant Piping Design
  • PLV-Pro

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