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Needs of CAD Conversion Services

Against the paper or blueprint drawings, CAD wins the battle on certain and crucial points, such as:

  • CAD offers absolute and relative coordinates at the tip of the curser.
  • Impeccable drawing tools to create shapes and objects at once, without much effort.
  • Snaps, constraints, and modifiers like additional features can give you immense precision and speed in drawings that you cannot imagine with paper or print drawings.
  • The layer feature is awesome and offers designers comfort without cluttering the drawings while working on different aspects including, plans, floors, walls, elevations, electricity, plumbing, and others.
  • Symbols are ready to use and save you from repetitions and missing standards in your drawings.
  • APIs allow you to add plug-ins and 3rd party software to extend your CAD conversion capabilities in terms of features and functionality.
  • Cloud storage is the safest option from the loss of files or impacts of disasters.
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CAD Conversion Services at Shalin Designs

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  1. For product innovation, we scan the product from different dimensions and convert it into CAD (2D/3D).
  2. The product industry takes its immense benefits by getting drawings of used products or parts.
  1. Handover your paper drawings, and we will convert those into precise and clear CAD files.
  2. There are tons of paper drawings waiting to be digital across the globe.
  1. We can convert your PDF-based drawings into CAD formats drawings keeping the details intact.
  2. We help engineers and contractors who used to face such issues.
  1. We convert raster images into CAD-like vector images to scale and modify them.
  2. Many historical plan images need to convert into digital ones.
  1. We convert 2D CAD drawings into 3D CAD drawings,
  2. After the conversion, you can export it to 3D Max for photorealistic rendering.
  1. Revit is a BIM software, and it has capabilities to reflect in 3D real-time for 2D changes.
  2. If your update in 2D drawings, you can see quick results in the 3D model.
  1. When you shift from design to production our CAD conversion services help you move from CAD to Microstation.
  2. Microstation is a tool for precise Geo-spatial drawings data.
  1. When you move from design (CAD) to production (SolidWorks) for your products, our contribution is mandatory to make it seamless.
  2. SolidWorks is the best tool for products and parts industries.
  1. Scan site or products using PointCloud capacity and convert them into the designing CAD software for the next processes.
  2. Laser scanning is the best part of PointCloud software.
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3d CAD Conversion

Why CAD Conversion and Drafting Services from Shalin Designs?

  • Increase your control over the CAD conversion process using our seamless communication offerings
  • Boost your productivity by your direct supervision using remote project management tools and equipment.
  • Shalin Designs believes in accuracy and delivering precise results while doing any kind of CAD conversion.
  • Get appropriate or desired formats for your outputs at the end of the conversion process.
  • We assure you of your data privacy and security at any level.
  • We allow your involvement throughout the process and honor your feedback too.

We deliver top quality CAD Conversion services to our global clientele based out of the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Singapore, Norway, Ireland UAE region.

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