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We help businesses, engineers, fabricators, manufacturers, drafters, and other stakeholders to get highly precise and detailed drawings of parts and assemblies’ drawings at highly competitive rates.

We at Shalin Design meet high global standards and specification requirements in our drawings and designs.

Mechanical CAD Drafting Services

Mechanical Design & Drafting Services at Shalin Design

We provide the following mechanical design and drafting services at Shalin Design.

Mechanical Part Drawing Services

Our expert designers and drafters provide conceptual drawings for your assemblies and parts with expected precisions and high-quality detailing. Our production-ready drawings directly contribute to manufacturers and fabricators delivering parts and assemblies. Our drawings also help engineers, consultants In their professions, and marketers in their marketing campaigns.

Mechanical Drafting Services

Our expert CAD drafters can create drafts with high precision and details from hand-drawn sketches, engineering blueprints, and engineering PDF documents. Our drawing served the mechanical engineers, manufacturers, fabricators, innovators, and production teams by providing precise mechanical drafts to extend the product life and reliability.

mechanical design and drafting
mechanical drawing services

Mechanical Fabrication Drawing Services

When we prepare mechanical designs with drawings for fabricators, we follow international drawing standards and material codes. We also provide connection details, tolerance, and other requirements in the ideal mechanical drawings for fabricators. As a result, our mechanical fabrication drawings prove crucial in the fabrication process and help eliminate possible errors and glitches.

Assembly Drawing Services

Our assembly drawings provide insights into the mechanism where different mechanical parts are meted to each other and accomplish intended functions. Apart from precisions in the drawings, we also offer parts numbers listed in the table in the drawing. You will also find details regarding callouts, abbreviations, and icons in the drawing.

MEP CAD Drafting Services

We provide MEP (Mechanical, Engineering, & Plumbing) based CAD drafting services for plumbing design, HVAC design, fire-fighting design, hookup drawings, pressure vessel fabrication, and P&I diagrams using our MEP expertise.

AutoCAD 2D/3D Services

We provide the following AutoCAD 2D & 3D drawing services.

  • AutoCAD 2D/3D component modeling & drawing services.
  • M&E drawings.
  • Concept drawing
  • Technical drawing
  • Patent drawing
  • Fabrication drawing
  • Schematic drawing
  • Coordination drawing
  • Mechanical shop drawing
  • GD & T drawing
  • Assembly drawing
  • Auto parts drawing
  • Sheet metal drawing
  • Parametric drawing
  • Mark up detailing
mechanical drawing services

Mechanical Design & Drafting Process at Shalin Design

We receive inputs, instructions, images, or templates and brief the team.
We provide drafting based on the specification and send it to the client for approval.
We allocate essential resources. We decide on the timeline, milestones, technologies, and support.
We execute the software we prefer. We monitor project milestones. Moreover, we review and accomplish the QC process.
We upload project delivery files to a secure server. We also upload supporting documents and fine-tune everything if needed.
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Shalin Design: An Excellent Destination for Mechanical Design & Drafting

Shalin Design is an excellent destination for mechanical design and drafting for the following reasons.
mechanical product design agency
Shalin Design is a global company with clientele across the planet. We have expertise specific to various global regions and follow measurement and drawing standards accredited by each country worldwide.
Shalin Design is an ISO 9001:2015 certified mechanical CAD drafting service company with certified drafters and engineers. So, we follow international standards in our drawings and drafts.
We have experienced a team of CAD drafters, engineers, and 3D professionals with years of experience providing mechanical design and drafting services to global clients.
We are available round the clock to address your queries or emergencies. Our experts are ready to meet any scale of the challenge.
We use the latest CAD & 3D software highly used in the mechanical industry. We have the newest hardware, OS, and internet facilities. Moreover, we use the latest channels for communication with clients and internally with the team to collaborate.
We provide cost-effective services with on-time delivery without compromising design and drawing quality. Moreover, our rates are highly competitive in the market for whatever we deliver.
We follow international quality assurance standards and practices for delivering 99% accuracy in drawings and designs. Therefore, we have strict QA practices and advanced methods.
We sign an NDA with the client and strictly follow it by providing data security at all levels, from storage to data exchanges.
If you plan to scale your product or project in the next couple of years and see scope for our services, we provide suitable hiring plans and keep provisions in our design and drawings for scalability.
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