CAD Design and Drafting Services

CAD design, drafting and drawing services help architects, engineers, manufacturers, contractors and construction companies to bring their design ideas to market with a shorten design development cycle.

CAD Design Services

In early years in paper-pencil era, engineers and their draft-persons were drawing sketches or plans manually on paper. When computers aided their immense computing capabilities in drawing a new era began and called CAD or Computer Aided Design era.

CAD Design software maintains:

  • Database
  • Precision
  • Design standards
  • Ease of modifications
  • Room for active collaboration
  • Easy to transform digitally and print even remotely with Web2print software.
  • Can generate different versions or parts of prints for different users like one for engineer and another for contractor.
cad design services

CAD Design and Drafting Process

cad design process
cad design and modeling process
CAD Design drafting
CAD Design and Drafting Services for multiple Industries:
We cover a wide range of industries, businesses, and individual professionals under our umbrella of services.
  • Mechanical Industries
  • Civil Industries
  • Millwork Industries
  • Electrical Industries
  • Glass Industries
  • Plastic & FRP Industries
  • Automation CAD Design

Global customer base at Shalin Designs also includes: Oil & Gas, Power Plants, Chemical, Petrochemical, Water, Food Processing, Pharma, Steel, Paper, Fertilizers, Refrigeration plants, & industrial projects.

Why Shalin Design for CAD Design Services?

Industry intelligence: We are tech evangelist company with data-centrist engineering service lab using the latest CAD design software, networking, and cloud solutions. Our approach is of collaborative designing.

Digital transformation Company: We are a complete digital transformation solution provider with adequate expertise & equipment to offer feasible and viable solutions for digital CAD designing.

Engineering at core: We have enough expertise in various engineering disciplines. We follow the best engineering practices and standards of the industry. We have valid certified engineers in our teams to meet any level of technically intricate challenges.

Cost efficiencies: We prioritize the client’s budget and schedule while ensuring the highest quality of deliverable. To meed different needs, we have different engagement models like hourly, part-time, and full-time equivalent models.

Next generation tech expertise: We have invested enough in acquiring the next generation technologies and tools. It makes us competitive and compatible to emerging technologies and trends.

We deliver top quality CAD Design and Drafting services to our global clientele based out of the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Singapore, Norway, Ireland UAE region.

CAD Design Services
  • Mechanical Drafting
  • Mechanical Product Design
  • Plastic & FRP Product Design
  • Machine Design
  • HVAC CAD Design
  • Electrical Enclosure Design
  • Water Tank Design
  • Doors & Windows Design
  • Conceptual Design
  • Fabrication Product Design
  • Building Construction Design

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