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Shalin Design converts 2D furniture design into 3D furniture models/objects with desired precisions, materials, textures, and styles. We use Revit and other 3D modeling software to create customized furniture models that can provide perfect visualization besides the required details. Thus, we can help furniture manufacturers, retailers, plant equipment manufacturers, and product design engineers in their jobs to create custom furniture.

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Custom Furniture Modeling Services at Shalin Design

At Shalin Design, we provide the following custom furniture modeling services.
  1. Custom Furniture Design Services: Considering your bespoke requirements, our engineers and drafters create a 2D design for your custom furniture. During furniture drafting, we count various factors, such as cost, material consumption, quality, ergonomics, and aesthetics. Once everything gets ready, our 3D modeling experts go ahead to create 3D models of the furniture based on the 2D CAD drawings.
  2. 3D Furniture Modeling Services: We use Revit and other 3D modeling software created for furniture 3D design to create custom furniture families based on the existing families. We use 2D furniture drawings to give 3D shapes to virtual objects. Revit furniture custom families help us apply the same furniture at different spaces without reinventing the wheel. We also specify materials in terms of wood types and textures in the Revit families/library. We grant scalability to furniture parts and make them scalable for future use.
  1. 3D Furniture Rendering Services: Once we create 3D furniture modeling families, we place those objects in the interior or exterior environment of the building. We approve the client’s placements of custom furniture 3D objects and start rendering the entire building configuring the rest of the requirements.Thus, our 3D furniture rendering services perfectly visualize the furniture design and placement of items with photo-realistic images or walkthroughs. We set materials, colors, styles, textures, lighting, shadows, and other effects to make virtual objects akin to natural objects in appearance.

3D Furniture Modeling Services for Different Segments

We cater our 3D modeling services to the following segments.
  • Residential 3D Furniture Modeling: We create 3D furniture models for façade, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, patios, etc. spaces.
  • Commercial 3D Furniture Modeling: We create custom furniture models for retail stores, showrooms, shopping malls, etc.
  • Industrial 3D Furniture Modeling: We create 3D furniture models for manufacturing units, storage/warehouses, garages, workshops, etc.
  • Office 3D Furniture Modeling: We create 3D furniture models for workspaces, desks, reception areas, conference/seminar/meeting rooms, partitions, file cabinets, drawers, etc.
  • Architectural Ornamental 3D Furniture Modeling: We develop 3D furniture models for stairs, handrails, balustrades, grills, moldings, doors, windows, columns, beams, louvers, etc.
  • Recreational, Entertainment, etc. 3D Furniture Modeling: We craft 3D models for restaurants, hotels, bars, etc.
  • Street 3D Furniture Modeling: We create furniture models for public toilets/urinals, benches, partitions, signage, trashcans, etc.
  • Casework 3D Furniture Modeling: We create 3D furniture models for kitchen cabinets, display cabinets, racks, shelving, etc.
  • Upholstery 3D Furniture Modeling: We create 3D furniture modeling for the color palate and surface finishes.
  • Healthcare 3D Furniture Modeling: We create 3D furniture models for clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare establishments, meeting their bespoke requirements.

Custom Furniture Modeling Process at Shalin Design

We expect a brief on the client's expectations in terms of furniture size, shape, material, texture, placements, etc.
We create a proposal based on the client's brief, citing ballpark estimation, the expected timeline, resources needed, and incidental aspects.
We run brainstorming sessions with the client and the team to establish a concept of the design. We will use sketches and reference images in due course.
We prepare a wireframe of the furniture item based on the rough idea and send it to the client for approval. We repeat the same process for interactive prototypes of the product.
Once the client accepts the final prototype, we create the final design and deliver it to the client in the expected format.
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Shalin Design: An Excellent Destination for Custom Furniture Modeling

Shalin Design is an excellent destination to receive custom furniture modeling due to its added advantages, such as:
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We have certified professional engineers, drafters, and 3D modelers with adequate training and years of experience working on various furniture items prevailing in the industry. So they can grasp the client's concept quickly and bring the expected results.
Our drafters and 3D modelers have delivered several designs with intense customization. So, the team is familiar with deep customization processes and techniques while drafting and creating 3D furniture models.
Our team is familiar with design codes and standards adopted by each country worldwide. So, we are capable of delivering standard 2D drawings and 3D models of custom furniture for clients across the globe.
Our engineers and modelers use precise dimensions, standard sizes, angles, and callouts for custom furniture items in 2D and 3D drawings. Similarly, we configure material with types, textures, colors, grains, and other parameters needed for a perfect 3D object for rendering.
Our drafters and 3D modelers are experienced and experts in their work. They take professional approaches and deliver projects with fast turnaround times using various tools and techniques to save time at each stage of development.
We offer highly competitive rates and quotes for our services. Thus, it proves cost-effective and pocket-friendly for our patrons. Moreover, we adopt various measures to save time, resources, and overall project costs.
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We offer a free quote or ballpark estimation for your custom furniture model. Albeit, you need to provide us with enough details, references, and resources to create a high-quality, timely, and budget-friendly work proposal.

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