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Architectural Millwork Design Service Company

We aid in architectural building design through our millwork design services. In fact, we have designed doors, base trim, window casing, crown molding, wood paneling, etc., from raw lumbers.

We also fabricate interior decorative elements, including door casing, crown moldings, baseboards, metals, etc. Finally, we provide a wood-based interior finish to enhance the building’s edges, walls, and corners with personality and vibrancy.

You can find architectural millwork design projects for residential, commercial, and educational buildings in our portfolio.

Architectural Millwork Design Services at Shalin Design

The following types of millwork design services are available in the architectural industry.

  1. Complete Service for Millwork Design Services :- It involves the entire millwork process and detailing of the project. We offer such services for big-budgeted projects, including commercial buildings and multi-unit housing projects.
  2. Custom Profile Millwork Design Services :- We provide detailed profiling and detailing of the building. Our services help our clients to get highly personalised structures with unique characters to our design. In addition, our custom profile millwork enables you to get a better home instead of the age-old cliché concept and enhances the house’s resale value.
  3. Custom Radius Millwork Design Services:- We enhance the millwork construction with round or curvy edges with our custom radius millwork design services. This is a brilliant way to improve architectural millwork design. We apply this service to the building’s circular windows, handrails, curved walls, arches, kitchen counter corners, bending stairways, and other curvy or round edges.
  4. In-house Knife Grinding Technique:- When you want to match the new millwork design with existing millwork shapes and patterns, our in-house knife grinding technique design services can greatly help you. We apply this technique when woodwork is damaged due to water leakage or fire.

Woodwork Items Where We Apply Our Architectural Millwork Design Services

  1. Custom Cabinets
  2. Custom Doors
  3. Interior Trim & Moldings
  4. Exterior Trim & Moldings
  5. Texturizing
  6. Large Beams
  7. Custom Finishing
  8. Custom Flooring
  9. Planning and Custom Moldings
  10. Décor for Siding Grooving/Sanding

Material Used in Architectural Millwork

  • Cedar
  • Maple
  • Mahogany
  • Walnut
  • Red Oak
  • Synthetic
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Architectural Millwork Design Process

We visit the site and accumulate the essential details to prepare architectural millwork design, including spatial layout and other factors affecting the plan.
We prepare an initial plan with all possible options and other concepts to offer a rough design idea.
We invite comments, suggestions, and other ideas from the client-side team and accommodate those changes in the design or drawings.
Once the client approves the final design, we prepare the bill of materials to get a definitive idea of costing of materials.
Our designers provide detailed instructions for installing the millwork design on the site.

An Excellent Destination for Architectural Millwork Design

  1. Quality Design & Drawings :- We have a team of creative architectural millwork designers and drafters with years of experience working in the industry and serving global clients with various requirements.
  2. Enough Design Options :- We offer enough design options for different layouts. You can pick from grid, free flow, loop, or angular forms, depending on your architectural plans. We provide detailed designs with manufacturing assemblies coupled with installation guidelines and manufacturing BOMs to boost the quality of final deliverables. At the end of the day, you will get products with fine form and finishes.
  3. Seamless Design Communication:- We provide 2D drawings with 3D visualization capabilities in Revit and other designing software. It enables a rapid approval process and establishes a clear and consistent line of communication between the fabricator and your retail space designers.
  4. Competitive Rates :-We offer highly competitive rates prevailing in the market for the same quality. Moreover, we are cost-efficient by providing a fast turnover rate and quick deliverables without losing any quality in design and drawing.
  1. Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance :-We consider wall depth and door while designing your architectural millwork design. Thus, we perfectly fit the designed furniture into the available spaces. Moreover, our drawings convey minute details with spatial and outfield dimensions. We also present concept drawings to help manufacturers to maintain consistency and fit parts across the assemblies.
  2. Excellent Millwork Details of Aesthetics :-Our architectural millwork design and drawing present details of aesthetics. For instance, they depict the use of columns with cabinets, supporting racks, and mental pieces that offer a highly engaging and interactive shopping experience in the store. They also highlight the innovative lighting, crown molding, and decorative motifs that enhance the ceiling and wall paintings. Thus, it makes branding effective.
  3. Get A Free Quote:-We have described our services and our capabilities to justify any scale of large projects for architectural millwork design. Now, we are eager to listen to your project requirements so that we can give you a competitive free quote for our architectural millwork design and drawing services.

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