Kitchen Furniture Design & Drawing Services

The kitchen in your adobe is our most prominent area in daily life. So, our kitchen design leads to enhancing life for the better. We design your kitchen spaces in such a way that allows you to flourish instead of a fumble. Moreover, our kitchen furniture design is as functional as it’s stunning.

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Kitchen Furniture Components We Use in Design & Drawing Services at Shalin Design

We mostly use kitchen furniture components in our design and drawing at Shalin Design.

Kitchen Cabinets

We use three types of cabinetry: Custom, Semi-custom, and Production cabinetry. We create cabinet design that remains functional with regard to storage space. It also remains accessible, durable, and resistant to environmental degradation.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands offer additional spaces for many kitchen functions. We create designs keeping its functionality in mind. So, they are stained and sealed to prevent damage, with options such as towel bars, pull-out partial counters, and casters for mobility purposes.

Stools & Chairs

We create a design for stools and chairs to assist you in exhaustive kitchen work. They may be wooden or metallic. They often come equipped with cushions made from leather, suede, easier-to-clean, high-grade plastic, or a combination of leather and plastic.

kitchen cabinet design
kitchen cabinet design

Kitchen Carts

Kitchen carts eliminate the need for additional human resources to serve the dishes from the kitchen tops to the dining table. So, our kitchen cart design remains functional and aesthetically pleasing. So you also can use them in outdoor barbeque parties gracefully!

Baker Ranks

Baker rank has shelves on which bakers place their goods to cool. Our design mostly consists of metals or wrought iron as material options. Baker ranks are a kind of decorative kitchen furniture designed to enhance the overall ambiance.

Kitchen Buffets

We design kitchen buffets with flairs and beauties so you can depict your dinnerware and kitchen heirlooms in adorable ways!

Pot Racks

Pot ranks allow cooks to hang their pots and pans. They land in an open, spacious air to the kitchen and move clockwise and anticlockwise to ease the finding of utensils.

Kitchen Furniture Design & Drawing Services at Shalin Design

We create different types of kitchen designs. Some of them are:
This is a simple and highly used design with one wall and cabinets on the upper and lower side of the working space where you can cut food and cook it.
It consists of two parallel walls, cabinets, an oven, and other essential cooking elements. It provides organized cooking management and working spaces.
This is the most common kitchen layout used in most of the world. There are two L-shaped walls where one wall is twice in length as the other. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for small to medium spaces.
It involves three adjoining walls with open ends and easy access to everything involved in the function.
kitchen design and drawing
modular kitchen design
Site visit by our experts provides us with perfect clues of possible constraints and clues of available spaces. Thus, we can create plans and designs to use your spaces maximally.
We prepare various design options for the initial layout of your kitchen furniture and its placements.
We submit the initial layout design to the client for their feedback and constructive comments. Once we receive those, we incorporate those suggestions and changes in the design and prepare the final draft.
We select the proper material and finishes for your kitchen furniture and prepare a bill of material with accurate estimation.
We prepare a roadmap for installation and create supplementary plans such as electric, MEP, etc.

Types of Material We Use in Kitchen Furniture Design & Drawing Services at Shalin Design

We used highly engineered materials to construct various kitchen elements that provide good aesthetics, durability, and resistance to environmental degradation. In addition, we use materials that are robust, long-lasting, and lightweight. We currently have three synthetic options other than natural materials, such as wood and metals. Those are Ply, MDF, and HDHM.
modern kitchen design drawing
It is sleek, shiny, and super smooth. So it is easy to clean. It also is stain, scuff, impact, and heat resistant. So, this is an ideal choice for kitchen design surfaces.
Acrylic sheets with a high gloss finish are homogeneous in nature. It also is frictionless and best in strength-to-weight ratio. It is UV-resistant and long-lasting material to choose from for kitchen furniture. It protects the furniture from moisture, dust, water, scratches, UV rays, and weathering effects.
It is a bit expensive wood treatment but ideal for high-end kitchen furniture. It gives surfaces a smooth and opulent feel. It has hardness, subsurface clarity, and damage-resistant properties. It offers two options: MDF & HDHMR.
It enhances the natural visual appeal of the material. In addition, it provides an adaptable anti-scratch layer on the surface. Thus, it extends the life of countertops, shelves, etc. It also is available in three options: Ply, MDF, & HDHMR.
It is laminated on both surfaces to prolong the life of your kitchen furniture. It is easy to maintain, inexpensive, and weatherproof. In addition, it has a particle board that gives your kitchen furniture a magnificent appearance.

Shalin Design: An Excellent Destination for Kitchen Furniture Design & Drawing Services

We offer a wide range of materials, finishes, and design options for your kitchen furniture design and drawing services. Thus, you will have ample opportunities to make your choice according to your requirements and taste. We also provide 2D and 3D views of your kitchen furniture with essential details.
Every home and homeowner is unique in making choices for their kitchen furniture. Therefore, we offer intensive customization services to create kitchen furniture of their choice and taste. In addition, we provide various kitchen accessory options to make the best choices for you.
We incorporate ergonomic and physiological principles in our kitchen furniture design to provide you with the most comfortable and luxurious working environment in your kitchen. In addition, we select materials keeping the durability factor in mind. So it lasts for longer and is intact in appearance.
We have many global clients from different countries and regions of the world, and we provide satisfactory design services meeting their regional preferences and needs.
modern kitchen design drawing

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