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There is a direct correlation between the sales rate, retail store layout, and furniture quality. Ergonomics of furniture tempt customers and prospects to revisit your retail store frequently and provide you with an opportunity to sell your products.

We develop custom millwork drafting services keeping limited space availability in mind for retail shops or stores. We create the best aesthetic appeal within compact spaces.

custom millwork furniture design

Custom Millwork Drawing Services at Shalin Design

At Shalin Design, we provide custom millwork drawing services for the following areas.

Custom Millwork Drafting Services for Cabinets in Retail Stores

We draft wall-mounted cabinets to save floor space. It also allows the stacking of products and includes more products in designated areas. Our designer cabinet drafting creates theme-specific interiors for your retail store. Display cabinets and glass cases facilitate you in cleaning, maintenance, and replacements.

Custom Millwork Drafting Services for Doors in Retail Stores

When we design doors in a retail store, we consider the following aspects.

  • Security : We provide security enhancement features in the design, such as biometric scanners, passcodes and pin combinations, intelligent and high-security locks, and traditional grilles.
  • Quick Installation : We keep the easy and fast installation of doors while designing custom millwork drawings for your retail store so that it won’t affect the bottom line. We also provide quick repair and maintenance services for your doors.
  • Ease of Operation : we provide door designs that are easy to operate, whether inwards, outwards or upwards opening.
stand cad design
stand cad design

Custom Millwork Drafting Services for Windows in Retail Stores

The window’s primary function is to provide air circulation and entry of natural lights in your shop. However, modern windows have a particular function in a retail store, a display of products. So, we design different types of window displays, including:

  1. Open window display.
  2. Closed window display.
  3. Semi-closed window display.
  4. Elevated window display.
  5. Corner window display.
  6. Island window display.
  7. Shadowbox window display.

Custom Millwork Drafting Services for Columns in Retail Stores

The primary function of columns in a retail store is to provide support to the ceilings. However, we go creatively and arrange supporting racks and mantelpieces with column design.

Custom Millwork Drafting Services for Ceilings & Wall Paneling in Retail Stores

We use built-in and artificial ceilings in design to provide decorative supports. For instance, lighting, crown molding, décor, etc., are some ideas to use ceilings and wall paneling for branding and decorative ways.

Custom Millwork Drafting Services for Furniture in Retail Stores

We mainly emphasize comfort, functionality, and convenience. We focus on every furniture item used in a retail store, such as furniture for seating arrangements, tables, shop fitting, counters, display and sales, reception counters, racks, drawers, and flooring. Additionally, we offer designs for carvings in the furniture to make it aesthetically appealing and eye-grabbing.

Custom Millwork Drafting Services for Mezzanine Floor in Retail Store

The mezzanine floor made of wood provides additional floor space and the opportunity to add décor to the design. We grabbed it when we found a ceiling height of more than 15 feet.

stand cad design

Custom Millwork Drawing Process at Shalin Design

We expect a detailed brief from clients stating their custom requirements and preferences to offer personalized drafts of retail store design. Besides texts, we welcome some sketches or drawings to get clues.
We prepare to draft strategy and plan the work in different tasks. We also mention the project's scope to avoid future conflicts.
Based on the complexities, we provide additional training to our drafters to deal with upcoming challenges and allocate proper human resources.
We provide good design options, create project prototypes, and send them to the client for feedback. We give enough revisions until the client gets complete satisfaction.
Once the client approves the final draft, we prepare drafts in suitable file formats and upload them to the server to download for a remote client. Our deliverable includes original drafting sheets, 2D plan images, and 3D models to see from a different perspective in an appropriate 3D viewer.
stand cad design

Shalin Design: An Excellent Destination for Custom Millwork Drawings

Shalin Design is an excellent destination for obtaining quality custom millwork drawing services for the following reasons.
stand cad design
Shalin Design is a global company serving clientele coming worldwide. We know the codes and standards of each country in the world. Therefore, we are accustomed to drawing and drafting standards prevailing across the nations. For instance, British and American standards.
We have been in the industry for years and have worked on numerous projects for millwork drafting services for a range of retail domains. So, our team has adequate skills and experience to deal with challenging projects.
We consider the preferences of our clients and their target users/customers, provide highly personalized design catering their bespoke requirements, and deliver tailor-made solutions in drafting.
We create 3D models from 2D drafts and render them to create photorealistic images and videos. We have expertise in various 2D and 3D drafting software such as AutoCAD, Revit, etc. Our drafters have familiarity of different standards and codes prevailing in the industry to meet regional and local requirements.

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