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When you strive for the best in custom design and craftsmanship in your cabinet drafting services, Shalin Design is an excellent cabinet drafting services company working for global clients. We offer highly personalized and cost-effective solutions with high-quality and top standards following your local code and conduct.

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Cabinet Drafting Services at Shalin Design

Shalin Design provides cabinet drafting services for different areas of a building, including:

Kitchen Cabinet Drafting

Our kitchen cabinet drafting services include the following types of design options.
  1. Beaded kitchen cabinet
  2. Shaker kitchen cabinet
  3. Flat panel kitchen cabinet
  4. Base kitchen cabinet
  5. Wall kitchen cabinet
  6. Tall-standing kitchen cabinet
  7. Corner kitchen cabinet
  8. Stock kitchen cabinet
  9. Custom and semi-custom kitchen cabinet
  10. Pantry kitchen cabinet
  11. Distressed kitchen cabinet

Our kitchen cabinet drafting services provide various design options, such as

  • Door mounting
  • Space utilization
  • Wood options
  • Hing design features
  • Inset door face-frame cabinetry

We also suggest different types of cabinet finishes, including:

  • High-pressure laminates
  • Melamine
  • Thermofoil
  • Paint
  • Stain

Bathroom Cabinet Drafting

After the kitchen bathroom, we need to focus on cabinet design. Our cabinet drafting services provide a different styles of bathroom cabinet design options, such as:
  • Flat style cabinet
  • Distressed style cabinet
  • Louvered style cabinet
  • Shaker style cabinet
  • Inset style cabinet
  • Thermofoil style cabinet
  • Custom style cabinets

We also provide options for cabinet finishes, including paint, stain, glaze, water-based UV, varnish, etc., in our design.

Similarly, our design provides various material options, such as wood, laminate, thermofoil, bamboo, stainless steel, etc.
Our design and drafting are also for pattern bathroom cabinets, such as

  • Patterned glass cabinet
  • Tilted mosaic cabinet
  • Mirror or etched cabinet
  • Tiled cabinet
  • Stenciled cabinet

Laundry Room Cabinet Drafting

When we draft cabinets for the laundry room, we keep design options for the following facilities.
  • Ironing drawers
  • Ironing boards
  • Fabric pull-outs
  • Fabric single & double hampers
  • Tilting hampers
  • Utility hooks
  • Ironing board in wall & drawer
  • Laundry bags

In laundry room cabinet design and drafting, we consider the following aspects/factors.

  • Floor space: we design cabinets, leaving enough room for ironing and folding clothes.
  • Storage: We know you need to store detergents and washing solutions out of sight and reach of children. So, we design cabinets accordingly. We add a swivel shelf to keep smaller bottles and packages. We design for scalability when you move to a larger space in the future.
  • Laundry room sink: It is helpful in pre-soaking and handwashing some items. So, we plan cabinets with sink designs too.
  • Ironing: We design an ironing board placed within the drawer or the cabinet itself.
  • Laundry room size: We design keeping size or available area for the laundry room.
  • Cabinet color: We match cabinet colors with doors and walls to create matching or contrasting designs.

Garage Cabinet Drafting

We provide design options for different types of garage cabinets to maximize the space utilities and offer comfort in various garage functions and activities.
  • Free-stand garage cabinets
  • Rolling cabinets
  • Modular and customizable garage cabinets
  • Wall-mounted garage cabinets
  • Overhead garage cabinets

We also provide garage storage systems using options other than cabinetry, such as shelving and workbenches. Moreover, we consider various factors affecting our garage cabinet draftings, such as size, material (plastic, wood, aluminum), storage, and additional features, including door locks, attached workbench, and built-in lighting. Besides these, we consider the weight capacities of cabinetry and installation requirements in drafting.

Living Room Cabinet Drafting

We provide standard and customizable cabinetry drafting services for your living room, such as:
  1. Floating cabinets
  2. Sideboard Cabinets
  3. TV stand cabinets
  4. Hidden cabinets on walls
  5. Cabinets in TV wall panel
  6. Ornate cabinet furniture
  7. Glass display cabinets
  8. Side table with cabinets

Bedroom Cabinet Drafting

We offer to draft services for different types of bedroom cabinetry, such as:
  • Stand-alone bedroom cabinets
  • Built-in bedroom cabinets
  • Walk-in bedroom cabinets
  • Walk-through bedroom cabinets
  • Dressing room cabinets

We consider available space, storage needs, budget, design preferences, etc. when we design and draft your bedroom cabinets.

Storage Cabinet Drafting

We draft different types of storage cabinets for your entire home usage, including:
  • Deep storage cabinets
  • Shallow storage cabinets
  • High storage cabinets
  • Wire baskets
  • Rails and hooks
  • Shelves and brackets
  • Stackable storage cabinets
  • Open storage cabinets
  • Closed storage cabinets

Office Cabinet Drafting

Office cabinets are also called file cabinets in colloquial language. We design the following types of office file cabinets to use in your workspace in offices and homes.
  1. Lateral file cabinets
  2. Vertical file cabinets
  3. Mobile file cabinets
  4. Fire-proof file cabinets

Cabinet Drafting Process at Shalin Design

We ask the client to provide us with their requirement brief, including texts and photos of their ideal examples.
We gather measurements, location for cabinet, possibilities of material, textures, and finishes. We arrange several brainstorming sessions with client or client-side team/family to know their requirements thoroughly. We learn about the use purposes, style preferences, their ideal references, scope, budget, etc.
We draft prototypes of cabinets with different layouts, colors, materials, finishes, hardware, etc., and send various design options to the client to fix the best one according to their expectations and budget.
Once the client provides feedback, we incorporate them into each revision and reach the final draft of the design.
We deliver the final draft of the design to the client in standard file formats following the local and regional codes and conducts.
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Shalin Design: An Excellent Destination for Cabinet Drafting

Shalin Design is an excellent place to obtain high-end cabinet drafting services at competitive rates. Some of our differentiators are:
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We have skilled cabinet drafters and designers with valid certificates and degrees. We have provided and are providing adequate training to create professional drafts for cabinet drawings and designs.
Our cabinet drafters have years of experience in the industry. It makes them experts in creating cabinet drafts with a commendable speed. Thus, we deliver expected results with fast turnarounds keeping your deadlines in mind.
We have served many global clients coming from diverse cultures and living standards. Therefore, our cabinet drafters know different design styles and clients' preferences. We have helped with many residential, commercial, and industrial requirements, making us seasoned drafters with vast experience and expertise.
We deliver high-end results with quality drawings and follow local and regional codes and standards in the drawing. Thus, you will find accurate measurements in expected units, including imperial and metric. To comprehend our drawings by various cabinet development industry stakeholders, you will quickly discover precise annotations, texts, callouts, and suggestions/notes.
Our cabinet drafting services prove cost-effective thanks to our highly competitive rates and speedy drafting. Our services remain pocket-friendly, and we respect the client's budgetary constraints, suggesting various design options.

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