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Shalin Design is an avid custom joinery design service company. We honor clients’ tastes, personalities, and lifestyle needs when crafting custom joinery designs. Our custom joinery design befitting seamlessly in your interior design scheme, maximize your storage capabilities and provide clever solutions to your awkward spaces.

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Custom Joinery Design Services at Shalin Design

We offer custom joinery design services for different spaces and purposes, such as:
  1. Custom Joinery Design Services for Panels and Cabinetry: We work to create custom joinery designs for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces from small to large scales. We incorporate various materials, including melamine, ply, veneer, and MDF, to create custom panels, cabinetry, and vanities for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms like significant spaces.
  2. Custom Joinery Design Services for Countertops: We create stunning focal points in a room by creating custom joinery designs for countertops; be it a kitchen countertop, bathroom sink top, or laundry benchtop, we exceed our client’s expectations and provide a design that represents your personality and tastes.
  1. Custom Joinery Design Services for Moldings: Moldings are a sure-fire solution when you think of aesthetics in your home design. We offer standards and specially created moldings for countertops, table tops, cabinetry tops, cupboard tops, columns, windows, and doors to create your signature statement. Our joinery design for moldings runs thematically in your building and creates tremendous interest in your spaces.
  2. Custom Joinery Design Services for Windows & Doors: We treat doors and windows with beautiful design features by applying the custom joinery design principles and techniques we have developed over the years. We give windows and doors a style besides functions of regulating your privacy, lights, and air. We design protrusions and recessions in their designs and use curves and angles to adore them as beauty.

Custom Joinery Design Process at Shalin Design

Getting a design brief from the client makes sense when you want to deliver client-centric design. Ask the client to prepare a short or long description of things they want in the design of each space. Apart from these, take accurate measurements of available spaces at various design angles.
We run several brainstorming sessions with the client-side team, think of different aspects and ideas, and check design options to make the design pleasing and functional.
Now, we create drafts for different design prototypes incorporating suggestions and feedback from the client. We send the drafts of design prototypes to the client to choose the best one at the end of several revisions.
When the client returns the design prototypes after selecting the best option and the feedback, we prepare the final design draft.
We prepare the final design in standard formats that your team of joiners can use directly and create beautiful custom joinery for you.
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Shalin Design: An Excellent Destination for Custom Joinery Design Services

Shalin Design is an excellent destination for custom joinery design services for the following reasons:
  1. We have the expertise and use a range of joinery systems in our design: We use the following joinery or joint methods in our design.
      • Butt joint
      • Biscuit joint
      • Dado’s joint
      • Dovetail joint
      • Lap joint
      • Miter joint
      • Mortise-and-tenon joint
      • Rabbet joint
      • Scarf joint
      • Finger joint

    Thus, our expertise in the industry is known for creating fabulous joinery designs where nails have no place!

  2. We provide unique joinery solutions: We create joiner solutions meeting your bespoke requirements, taste, personality, and preferences. We provide residential, commercial, and industrial joinery solutions for small to large scales designs.
  1. We maximize space, material, and resources: Our custom joinery design aims to maximize space, material, and resources. Thus, our design uses the available spaces in the best way with the least materials.
  2. We follow industry standards: We are accustomed to codes and standards prevailing in each country or region and follow them strictly while designing custom joinery for global clients. Therefore, our design suits the local culture and the client’s living standards.
  3. The latest infrastructural facilities: We have the latest hardware and tools to provide high-end custom joinery design. We have the latest CAD software for 2D and 3D drawings and modeling. We use the latest communication tools, channels, and technologies, such as the latest project management software, to involve clients actively in the project, get their feedback, and incorporate their suggestions.
  4. Cost-effective solutions: We always take cost-effective approaches while working on custom joinery design. Our prime focus remains to save time and cost in accomplishing the design process. Moreover, we offer highly competitive rates prevailing in the present market without compromising on the quality aspects of the design.

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