Office Furniture Design & Drawing Services

Shalin Design provides international-grade plans for your office furniture with perfect design and drawings that meet the detailed requirements of architects, engineers, interior designers, carpenters, and other allied professionals who construct your office furniture.

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Office Furniture Design & Drawing Services at Shalin Design

We offer the following office furniture design and drawing services at Shalin Design.

Workplace Furniture Design Services

We prepare ergonomic office furniture design that supports long working hours and seating in body-friendly ways.

Conference Room Furniture Design Services

We live in a digital transformation era where the need for a meeting or conference room has drastically changed. Our modern conference room design and drafting meet all requirements beautifully and create a supportive environment.

Counter and Reception Area Furniture Design & Drawing Services

We create a welcoming milieu in the office counter and reception area by providing comfortable and essential furniture design and drawing services.

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Flexible Office and Workspace Design & Drawing Services

With the pace of time, business grows, and staff increases, hence the office furniture requirements. Therefore, we create flexible office and workplace furniture designs that can sustain and remain useful with changing needs and styles. As a result, you can adopt the latest furniture style without spending much fortune on it.

Office Furniture Concept Design and Development Services

We have a team of office furniture designers and engineers with years of experience and full of creativity. It helps our patrons to consult our experts and gain innovative office furniture design ideas and concepts meeting modern trends and styles.

Office Furniture Design & Drawing Process at Shalin Design

Space planning requires solutions for the basic needs and constraints that come in the way of being productive while using the office space. We collect detailed measurements of spaces and other elements within them, such as windows, doors, panels, and trims. We also consider the regulatory items and make a material selection. We check natural light resources and shading changes during the entire day
Designers prepare the initial furniture layout keeping things in mind collected during the site visit.
It includes several cycles of client feedback and modifications by the design team.
We make decisions for selecting material, keeping finishes, quality assurance, aesthetic, theme, and regulatory constraints in mind. Then, we submit bills for buying or manufacturing items.
We prepare a roadmap for installation with the help of the installation manager. We also deliver the final bill of material, typical floor plans, electrical plans, and key alike plans.
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Shalin Design: An Excellent Destination for Office Furniture Design & Drawing Services

Shalin Design is an excellent destination for office furniture design and drawing services, thanks to the following peculiarities we possess.

office furniture design
We understand the ergonomic and physiological benefits of modern furniture design very well and are capable of convincing our customers of the same. Therefore, we incorporate such concepts in our design and provide advanced furniture design to our clients.
Our designers and engineers are experts in providing handsome space management solutions in our office furniture design and drawings. Thus, you can use your space optimally without design clutter.
Your employees are ultimate furniture users. Therefore, our primary focus is on their betterment. So, you can gain maximum productivity from them by considering their wellness while working in your office and using the furniture. We consider their body movements, seating gestures, and other physiological aspects while designing your office furniture. Thus, they must bear minimum stress while working on various office tasks.
We provide our furniture design and drawing solutions with the fastest turnaround delivering quick results.
We offer enough design options for your office furniture design and drawing services. Thus, you will be able to obtain the best possible solutions or combinations of options.
However, we provide enough details in the design, and concerned professionals can easily understand the design without making mistakes. In addition, we follow the international and regionally prescribed standards of drawings, including citations, icons, symbols, annotations, and texts, to avert any possible misunderstanding.
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