Take-off Service

How better if you know how much engineering materials are needed as soon as you finish the drawings!

What is Take-off Service?

Whether you have a small project or large; what it will cost remains the first question. Material Take-Off is a part of project estimation. You cannot go ahead even a single step without prior estimation; be it a private project; be it a bidding process; be it a public contract, you must have estimation to prepare in advance and proceed further.

Everyone cannot afford a devoted team of take-off service providers as in-house employees. Shalin Designs stands for them for quick and competitive take-off services.

Similarly, everyone is not comfortable with the antiquated manual take-off process. They need speed, accuracy, and precision as much as possible with the latest tools, technologies, and techniques.

Let’s exchange a few words for your next project.

3d cad modeling usa
take-off services
Manual Takeoffs Digital Takeoffs
Estimators use paper/blueprint/tracing plans. Expert CAD technicians use the latest and sophisticated software to compute highly intricate takeoffs.
They detail every material type and quantity specified on the drawings. It is super speedy.
It's a time-consuming process. It counts thoroughly almost without an error.
It’s prone to errors.

What Do We Look Into Take-off Services?

  • Unit count
  • Surface area
  • Linear length
  • Cubic volume
  • Physical weight

Let’s be clear:

The take-off specialists never consider other project costing requirements, such as labor, overheads, insurance, permits, equipment, or incidentals while counting the project take-offs.

We deliver top quality Take-off services to our global clientele based out of the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Singapore, Norway, Ireland UAE region.

Who Are Our Esteemed Patrons?

The following enlisted professionals and businesses are our prospects, and we always promise them for utmost satisfaction!
  • Engineers (Construction/civil/structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Automotive, etc.)
  • General Contractors & Subcontractors are involved in MEP as well as other areas.
  • Interior & Exterior Designers and Architects
  • Owners & Developers
  • Home Builders
  • Lenders, Engineering Firms
  • Fabricators
  • Framers, vendors

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