Benefits of 3D Models and 3D Rendering Services for Custom Furniture Design

When we look at some statistics on 3D models and 3D rendering services for
custom furniture design worldwide, we have the following facts.

  • The demand for 3D furniture models grew at a compound rate of 16.3% from 2020-25.
  • The value of the 3D model market was at $1255.8 million in 2022 and is estimated to reach $3573.08 million by 2028.
  • A simple 3D model of a furniture item can cost around $40-200.


The figures mentioned above indicate that the significance of 3D modeling and
3D rendering services in the furniture design industry is increasing year after

Now, let’s first know what 3D furniture Modeling and 3D furniture rendering or
visualization services are.

What is 3D Furniture Modeling?

3DFM is creating a three-dimensional digital representation of real-world
furniture with the help of 3D CAD software.

  • It helps users to conceptualize furniture designs, dimensions, materials, and texture before physical furniture manufacturing.
  • It provides everything a manufacturing team needs, including technicians, to implement the design in a real-world furniture manufacturing process.
  • In short, it facilitates design communication, iteration, and marketing presentation.

What is 3D Furniture Rendering/Visualization?

With the help of CGI (Computer Graphics Imagery) technologies, we can develop
a virtual presentation of various styles and designs of 3D furniture models
created by 3D CAD software.

How 3D Furniture Rendering Services Help Furniture Manufacturers?

Time & Cost Saver:

For a photo of a furniture piece, you need not hire a photographer or photo studio to obtain a fantastic background. With appropriate 3D rendering, you get photorealistic images in your expected ways and prepare an impressive presentation using animation techniques revealing every facet of the model.

Convinces the Customer:

3D rendering of furniture with a walkthrough in the interior ambiance gives customers overall ideas of how furniture will complement the interior décor. It aids in convincing customers to buy the right product for their milieu.

Product Image Preparation:

Online furniture businesses or ecommerce always strive for photorealistic images of products taken from various angles to give an accurate virtual product feel. 3D rendering of furniture enables ecommerce merchants to obtain such product images at a fraction of the cost of manufacturing products and shooting photos with a background.

Avoid Redo:

3D furniture modeling with the latest 3D CAD software enables the manufacturing team to avoid frequent redo with real-world furniture material. They can play with 3D CAD software with accurate dimensions, producing shapes and sizes in desired ways. Thus, prototyping with 3D furniture modeling and 3D Furniture Rendering Boosts Furniture Sales and also assists the manufacturing team in avoiding costly, frequent redo work using raw materials.

Furniture Décor:

Modern 3D furniture rendering software allows the simulation of real-world woods, metals, and plastic materials for your furniture models. Moreover, you can create the best fit virtual ambiance and get photorealistic images to display furniture décor to the clients remotely or in front of you.

Application Areas for 3D Modeling and 3D Rendering Services

There are several types of renders depending on how the 3D design is presented.

Lifestyle Render:

When a presentation aims to create images presenting lifestyle, it involves a scene’s interior or exterior environment background. Thus, furniture appears as part of the scene and presents real-world scenarios to judge its worth and characteristics in a particular ambiance.

Thus, lifestyle renders are used in the creation of product catalogs for print and digital media. Often, many manufacturing companies include complementary

items to their main furniture item in the scene, and it serves dual purposes in marketing to sell complementary items besides the main furniture piece.

360-Degree View:

Most 3D rendering software allows the production of high-resolution images to display a single furniture item in a 3D rotating View. Special viewports work in browsers (mobile & desktop) to show horizontal and vertical rotations of a 3D object. So, users can rotate the furniture object at 360 degrees to examine every facet of the object closely.

Virtual Reality (VR):

VR technology enables the display of furniture objects with next-level interactivity. So, you can open the door of a virtual room and check whether your furniture item will fit well in the space. The same goes true with drawers and cabinets. You can open or close their drawers and doors to check their space utilization.

Virtual Prototypes:

In custom furniture design, creating real-world furniture product prototypes may prove costly. Therefore, 3D CAD furniture experts develop 3D models and 3D Rendering Services of custom-designed furniture pieces with different dimensions, shapes, and sizes to enable customers to select the right prototype design.

Once the virtual model of the custom furniture piece gets approval from the client, it is sent to further 3D rendering process to create photorealistic images of the prototypes.

Furniture Animations:

The custom furniture design industry creates animations of 3D furniture models and renders them to use for different purposes, such as:

3D Furniture Rendering

Assembly Instructions:

Preparing custom furniture assembling instructions in texts is tedious, but 3D animation of furniture assembly makes it easy. This is because custom furniture often uses non-conventional structures, fasteners, joinery components, etc.

It demands additional efforts to join those parts of an assembly. 3D furniture modeling and 3D furniture rendering services ease that part and develop comprehensive instructional videos on how to assemble custom furniture items on the customers’ sites.

Product Demo:

Creating product demos with animations is a feasible option for custom furniture design, where you must demonstrate special features and use cases of various furniture parts. For instance, you can show hidden storage space in a cabinet.

Installation Demo:

Mount cabinets, reclining sofas, kitchen countertops, etc., have simple assembly but often demand a complex installation process. Therefore, the design company issued a custom installation demo video explaining its intricate installation procedure in a comprehensive and step-by-step demo using 3D furniture models and 3D furniture rendering technologies.

Exploded Views:

Exploded View of a furniture assembly displays all inner parts individually and their working mechanisms collectively. Animation of a reclining sofa enables buyers to comprehend their working mechanisms in different poses. Similarly, furniture design companies can reveal various safety features using exploded View. The same is possible to reveal different quality components of a furniture product, such as cushions, upholstery, and structural frame materials, in an exploded view.

Wrapping Up:

We have seen the power of 3D modeling and 3D rendering services for custom furniture design to provide a range of benefits and services to the modern furniture design industry. Shalin Designs is a dependable destination to obtain high-quality throughputs on time and at competitive rates for your following custom 3D furniture design projects. Let’s have a call to discuss your specific needs and get a free quote for the same.