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Armin Shilla wishes to be a unicorn startup by producing an innovative product in the automotive market in the Netherlands. Her concept- Magnetic Flywheel seems viable, feasible, and most importantly promising in present market contexts.

Like other emerging startups she wanted to maximise her innovations and subsequent growth with a pocket-friendly product, its prototypes, and final product design services at her disposal. This one is a common tendency in the market.

Her Expectations:

  • Armin wants to hire an expert team of mechanical or automotive engineers in the first place. The task of challenging and demands minimum degree-level or post-graduation level of education in engineering. discipline.
  • The next thing was an experience and it must be in working on projects in the same discipline. She wanted to check the portfolio of candidates first.
  • For rapid prototyping, she prefers various 2D CAD skills and 3D modeling skills to create a complete model of various prototypes for her design.
  • She wishes that each team member should have the ability to get quickly onboard and sustain as a cooperative team member with different expertise.
  • The last and most important requirement was cost-effectiveness. Of course, she knows such work never comes with cheaper rates, but she doesn’t want it to be overpriced. 

Touch to Reality

Today morning, she had arranged a meeting with her project manager Jacob and HR manager Ayma to discuss the matter and make some meaningful decisions. 

Jacob seemed to agree on keeping quality and experience bars high. However, Ayma completely disagreed with in-house hiring. She came up with the following arguments:

  1. The first and highly significant argument Ayma made is that the company’s priority is not producing products one-after-one. She told the team that once we have the desired products to place in the market, our focus would be on marketing and maintenance activities. She seemed true at her words.
  2. Jacob has placed the present salary rates of required talents, their incentives, and their payroll burdens on the table. No doubt, he seemed neutral but near the truth.
  3. HR also has presented requirements of space, furniture, hardware, and software when the company is going to hire such an experienced team of at least three to four experts.

Now, Armin has to think over alternatives of in-house hiring, and it was seemingly outsourcing. Ayma clarified that outsourcing always doesn’t mean offshore work, but it can be the onshore team that can do it.

Shalin Designs, UK as the Best Outsourcing Option for Product Design

All three had taken some time to find out one interesting thing. Outsourcing work with an offshore team is more cost-effective besides maintaining the same quality is possible at once. They were talking about Shalin Designs in the UK

  • The outsourcing network of Shalin Designs is worldwide with a big team of engineers, CAD, and 3D modelling experts.
  • They have a big portfolio of product designs in a variety of categories.
  • The team has vast material-type experience and expertise, be it metal, plastic, wood, or any natural or synthetic material, they are comfortable and have produced desired results in product design.
  • Shalin Designs has invested a lot in the creation of infrastructural facilities and labs in particular with the latest equipment and tools to work using the latest technologies.

These are some glimpses of the advantages of outsourcing. So, Ayma has listed out the top eight benefits or reasons to support her stand to go for outsourcing. Let’s check it.

#1 – Multidisciplinary Expertise at Once

As a project manager, Jacob has confirmed that the following activities in the project process are going on at Shalin Design for product design. Each team involved in different activities has valid and certified team members.

  • Product design prototyping
  • UX designing
  • Technical designing
  • Technology architects
  • Development
  • Quality assurance
  • Product growth marketing experts/mentors

Moreover, the team enjoys leads in technology fronts and product management, which was the biggest plus point in the eyes of Armin Shilla.

#2 – Excellent Team Coordination

The team at Shalin Designs, UK has accomplished various product design projects. It means they are excellent team players and have good communication abilities to let their patrons feel their team members at once. 

They are quick to come on onboard, respond to clients, and come up with quick solutions to the various issues that arise during product development like highly complex tasks. Therefore, Jacob was more than happy to know these all qualities of the team.

#3 – Dedicated Product Engineering 

In a big team, members used to engage with more than one project that leads to somewhat underperformance. To enhance overall productivity, a team must work on a single project. The full-time dedication of most of the key members leads to the best results. 

Thereby, Ayma wants to hire a dedicated team even in an outsourcing way, and Shalin Designs also promises the same-A Dedicated Product Engineering Team.

The dedicated engineers work on only your project and try to finish it within the given deadline with utmost client satisfaction and desired results. 


#4 – Agile Product Design Process

Jacob prefers the agile approach of product design companies where frequent iterations lead to product success by creating product-market-fit results. Shalin Designs take MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approaches during each iteration and also tries to make each iteration cost-efficient.

#5 – Deadline Focused Product Development

MVP plus iterations result in perfect features and functionality at the end where your product meets all. This is also the perfect way to achieve an early deadline in product engineering. In fact, Armin was eager to see her imaginary products into market reality within the given time, and the team at Shalin Designs, UK was only the way to hit such shortest deadlines.

#6 – Outsourcing Product Engineering – An Ideal Solution for SMBs

We have seen various reasons like deadlines and cost-efficiencies in outsourcing product engineering projects. These are tempting enough for small and medium businesses. So, Armin sees it as an ideal solution for her startup.

#7 – Outsourced Product Engineering at Any Stage

If you have an in-house team working on a project or you already have outsourced the project and you suddenly decide to transfer it to Shalin Designs, UK, you can do it at any stage albeit, legitimate way. 

#8 – Under the Control Product Design

Now, Armin Shilla has made up her mind to hand over her product design project to Shalin Designs, UK. However, Jacob was more than happy that he had to lead the entire development process on behalf of her company. It means still the project processes were under the control of Jacob. 

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