furniture modeling services

Lesley Beavan is an artist who makes various artisans beautify your spaces and furniture at once. Aliyah Lerg is one of her best friends and today she suddenly arrived home. Lesley welcomed her with warm greetings.

Both have decided to sit on the backyard patio. They took their seats and started a conversation about their family life. During the talk, Aliyah expressed that she is on the way to finding furniture modelling services for her brilliant ideas about innovative furniture design.

She first wanted to check her ideas on 3D modelling to see how it looks and how it can be feasible to make them in bulk. Yes, she wanted that furniture for her new office.

Being an artist, Lesley was fluent in 2D CAD and 3D modelling. However, her expertise was restricted to her work and its design. Therefore, she suggested seven (7) ways (software) to create a 3D model for Aliyah as per her imagination.

Lesley also explained that 3D furniture modeling can help her to get photo-realistic images that she can show carpenters or millwork companies to get 360-degree views in special viewers.

Here is the list:

  1. Woodwork for Inventor
  2. SolidWorks
  3. Fusion 360
  4. Rhinoceros
  5. CATIA
  6. Pro100 
  7. CADPro

Woodwork for Inventor: Furniture Modelling Software

Autodesk Inventor was originally invented for mechanical CAD designing. Therefore, it is best suited for woodwork and furniture design. The main functions of Woodwork for Inventor are:

  • 2D CAD Drafting
  • 3D CAD Modeling
  • Simulation
  • Visualization
  • Documentation 

The key features of Woodwork for Inventor are:

Hardware Library – It has a vast woodwork hardware library containing approximately 150 fitting and fixture components. Besides these, it has dowels, Confirmat, Minifix, and Screws like hardware components.

Material Library – it has big wooden, metal, and synthetic materials in its library, which is accessible through BOM or Bill of Materials.

Generation of CNC Tool Path – It has an optional CAM module. It lets you go through all parts of the design. It also recognizes features and matches machine operations. In due course, it automatically generates G-code and exports it to the CNC machine.

Integration – It offers integration with ERP, MRP, and PLM apps. Thus, it reduces time and errors. Here, BOM managers can create a list of materials or parts. It also lists the beam saw cutting and various components. Therefore, CNC machines can cut procurement accordingly.

Data Management – It beautifully manages the current version of data, including 2D CAD data, 3D CAD data, audit trails, and copy CAD design. 

Woodwork for Inventor is a highly complex software to operate. Therefore, it demands highly skilled operators or engineers to work.


SolidWorks: Furniture Modelling Software & Services

Tools: SolidWorks is a treasure of tools to help you in furniture 2D/3D modeling. You will find tools for topology optimization, static linear, finite element analysis, high-cycle fatigue, and time-based motion. 

Productivity: It improves productivity with CNC machines using various integrations such as CAMWorks, SolidCAM, and HSMWorks.

AR & VR Integration: It is integrated with AR and VR as well as touch devices. 

Efficient: It is effective in data management and visualization of the products.

Fabrication: You can directly extract data for fabrication right from the software.

Design Automation: It offers rule-based design automation so the designer can configure product families quickly and accurately.

Flexibility: It lets a designer apply various materials, different textures, and tons of 3D elements. It means you can use a mix of materials as well as create non-conventional products with customization.

Fusion 360: Furniture Modelling Services

Fusion 360 lets you integrate the whole product engineering or product development process right from concept to fabrication to simulation to collaboration to machining under the hood of a cloud-based platform. It is possible through the integration of 3D CAD, 3D CAM, and 3D CAE-like tools.

It has some attractive basic features, such as:

Sketching to modeling tools for:

  • It offers free-form modeling
  • Surface modeling
  • Direct modeling
  • Mesh modeling
  • Parametric modeling.

Superb data management:

  • Cloud storage
  • Online, offline, and collaborative modes
  • Version management takes place automatically to prevent conflicts
  • It supports SolidWorks, STEP, IGES, CREO, and NX files so you can work without translations with different software.

Rhinoceros: Furniture Modelling Services

Tool for Organic Modeling: Rhino is an excellent tool for organic modeling or creating natural shapes. It is easy to use the tool because it is not a parametric modeling tool. Therefore, Aliyah was happy to learn about it from Lesley. 

Easy share and integration: Moreover, you can share 3D geometry with other modeling tools. it also is compatible with CAD, CAM, CAE, and other animation software.

Plugins: It has 3rd party plugins, including Rhino Common from the .NET platform, grasshoppers, and python scripts to access developmental tools directly from the platform.

CATIA: Furniture Modelling Services

If you are after a 3D product life cycle management tool, CATIA is an excellent option. It supports CAD (design), CAM (manufacturing), and CAE (engineering) operations.

It has ERP product data management, product life-cycle management, and simulation capabilities to provide the best 3D furniture modeling services.

Pro100: Furniture Modelling Services

It has excellent GUI capabilities that render images with ultra-details. It has a shape editor. You can create custom cabinets and closets. It can create a cust list and door list easily to compute costings. You also can create custom trims and crown models. 

CADPro: Furniture Modeling Services

It is the best drafting software for wood furniture. It is good for ideation, designing, and visualization. It has an excellent sharing capability that lets you collaborate with other designers and clients. It works as a sketching, scanning, and uploading design tool. It has a CAD symbol library, PaintPro Plus, and auto-shape tools.

With this rich info, Lesley has closed the conversations on various ways to find 3D modelling solutions and services through different software. Now, Aliyah has realized that she has to face a steep learning curve and a longer span to achieve mastery over such software. It was not possible for her.

Therefore, she requested Lesley to give an alternative that could save her time and money spent on this licensed software. Lesley has pinpointed Shalin Designs for furniture modeling services. There is a guarantee for high quality work at the best price. So, Aliyah rushed to contact the Shalin Designs company for her next project.