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Shalin design makes custom millwork drawings to make the execution of the project a breeze. We provide enough details, such as elevation, section, plans, and fixtures, in our custom millwork drawing services.

We create different types of millwork drawings, including architecture, furniture, and fixtures in a building. Our drawing also includes parametric views, floor plans, cross-sections, and isometric views of products or buildings.

We use appropriate software/tools to display 3D views with textures, colors, and shadings—for instance, Revit, 3D Max, and 3D CAD tools available commercially in the market.

We have trained CAD engineers and 3D professionals to develop photo-realistic views with desired precisions and details.

Complete MillWork Service

Custom Millwork Drawing Services at Shalin Design

Architectural Drawings

We keep the requirements of architectural designs and construction industries in mind while creating custom millwork drawings for an architect. So, you will find the minutest details of plans, elevations, sections, furniture objects, their placements, and fixtures used in residential and commercial buildings. In addition, it provides direct support to contractors, masons, carpenters, plumbers, and HVAC engineers by contributing with real values.

MEP Drawings

We create MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) drawings for electricians, plumbers, and HVAC professionals, providing required technical specifications, placements/locations, and other details to execute those plans in the real world. Our MEP drawings include details of materials used in production, various parts, dimensions, and placements with desired details.

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Store Fixtures

We create detailed drawings for fixtures that need to be installed in a store or shop. It consists of 3D isometric and exploded views of the entire design. Our drawings directly contribute to the construction. Therefore, they consist of drawings for walls, shelves, panels, blocks, elevations, floor plans, sections, etc.

Parametric Products

Revit-like software provides parametric tables citing different parameters of the products/elements, such as length, width, depth, etc. We use such software and provide our client’s parametric data that meet clients’ requirements beautifully.

Optimizing In-house Placement

We simulate natural and artificial lighting and shading using 3D CAD software, such as Revit and AutoCAD. It helps engineers to fix the placements of various lighting fixtures and natural light sources, such as OTS, windows, and doors.

Design & Drafting of Wooden Interior Features

We furnish the design and drafting of the wooden staircase, doors, windows, reception desks, cabinets, and other wooden furniture items for your construction. In addition, our millwork drawing helps carpenters and manufacturers to create and install wooden interior features according to your taste and needs.

Drafting of Raised Panels

Raised panels at the entrance and doorways add elegance to the overall aesthetics of the home interior. Therefore, we carefully draft details and give precise locations for raised panels used in the building construction.

Details of Wood Trim

We create wood trimming designs and draft details for wood molding, coving, and skirting boards for interior decoration. Thus, you can go directly to the shop and get your expected products without many design hassles and without indulging in technical intricacies.

Design of Wooden Panels

We enable you to shop quickly with the help of our millwork drawings for wooden panels.

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Custom Millwork Drawing Process at Shalin Design

We gather requirements to prepare millwork drawings.
We analyze the gathered information and plan a drawing strategy.
Align resources as per the project requirements.
We create several design options in drafts and submit them to the client for approval.
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We are waiting for the client's approval of the most appropriate design option.
We welcome comments and suggestions from the design and client-side teams and incorporate good design changes.
We fix the design's flows, imperfections, and errors and ensure the best possible quality.
We prepare final drawings in required file formats and deliver them to the client with the best presentation.

Shalin Design: An Excellent Destination for Custom Millwork Drawings

Shalin Design is an excellent destination for custom millwork drawing services at highly competitive rates without compromising quality.
We serve global clients worldwide, delivering custom millwork drawings in their prescribed measurement units and formats. It means our engineers are equally well with American and British standards and justify design & drawings accordingly.
Our teams of draftsmen and engineers are ISO certified and strictly follow the ISO 9001:2015 standards and quality compliance. Thus, we deliver the highest quality in the industry.
Every business is sensitive about data when handing it over to a third party. Therefore, we follow ISO/IEC 27001:2013 accredited data management policies. Thus, your personal and business data are completely safe with us.
We have a strict rule to keep QA high. So, we ensure high precision in the drawings and repeatedly check them for international quality compliance. Of course, we also provide compliance with the SLA.
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Millwork drawings demand scalability to meet the varying needs of the clients. Therefore, we prepare scalable solutions.
We give a realistic timeframe to accomplish a work depending on its complexities and scale of work. So, we deliver expected results within the stipulated time frame and keep our patrons happy and satisfied with our services.
Our prime focus is to cut costs considerably and optimize service delivery. Thus, we produce professional-quality results and budget-friendly prices.
We provide round-the-clock access to our service team, comprising expert drafters and engineers to extend helping hands for your queries and emergencies.

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