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Shalin Design offers custom cabinet millwork design services. When you go to a standard cabinet millwork shop, you will have limited choices for stock, sizes, shapes, features, colors, finishes, and so on. In contrast, in the case of our custom cabinet millwork design, you will have enough choice and flexibility.

We let you decide on wood type, dimensions, doors, drawer-style hardware, paint or stain colors, etc., to meet your tastes and requirements. Then, you can hand over our drawings and design to the wood mill and get your custom order accomplished.

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Custom Cabinet Millwork Design & Drawing Services

Shalin Design provides different types of kitchen cabinet design and drawing services, such as:

Beaded Kitchen Cabinets Design & Drawing Services

They come with inset doors, drawer fronts, classic paneling, and ¼ inches bead modern design around each door and drawer opening. The design contains a bead and rounded edges inside the wood. In fact, beads act as the frames within frames and define the outline of doors and drawers. Beads give a personalized design statement.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Design & Drawing Services

Here, the style of doors is composed of five segments and a flat panel. Doors in this style are cope-and-stick and constructed with flat panels and smooth and straightforward outside and inside edges. The Shaker cabinet has five panels: rails, stiles, and a central panel.

Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets Design & Drawing Services

Flat panel door style is without any ornament or bevels and typically uses dimension door design. So, it gives traditional looks.

modern kitchen design drawing
modular kitchen design

Base Kitchen Cabinets Design & Drawing Services

They are designed for countertops, sink arrangements, and cooktops. They are installed on the floor as permanent fixtures and provide storage space. They have exposed legs or are covered with toe kicks. It has two functional doors and two false doors. It is useful in the kitchen, laundry, and bedrooms.

Wall Kitchen Cabinets Design & Drawing Services

Wall kitchen cabinets stay above the counter space. We create their design complementing the base cabinet design to create a coordinated look. They have a paneled cabinet door, stiles, and a box frame with hanging rail.

Tall-standing Kitchen Cabinets Design & Drawing Services

It has a full height, begins from the floor, and extends up to the ceiling. It creates a dramatic vertical look and utilizes the space fully.

Corner Kitchen Cabinets Design & Drawing Services

It maximizes the available spaces in the kitchen corners. It creates an appealing exterior. There are many styles of shelving available.

Stock, Custom, & Semi-custom Kitchen Cabinets Design & Drawing Services

Every kitchen is unique in dimension, texture, and theme. Our designers create custom cabinetry depending on how odd the kitchen design is. Therefore, we offer stock, custom, and semi-custom design options.

Pantry Kitchen Cabinets Design & Drawing Services

It is for convenience and comfort. So, you need not lean, stretch, or struggle to reach the kitchen items. You will have a built-in butler’s pantry, walk-in pantry, free-standing pantry, or a combination of your choices. This design is ideal for smaller spaces to obtain storage facilities.

Distressed Kitchen Cabinets Design & Drawing Services

You can distress the design with odd colors or create worn-out looks using different color spots of wood.

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Custom Cabinet Millwork Design & Drawing Process at Shalin Design

Our team visited the site and noticed everything concerned with their job. They collect data regarding the dimension and placement of custom cabinets.
We prepare an initial plan with all possible design options and involve clients to make their opinion.
We hand over initial plans to the client and incorporate their suggestions/comments in the final design.
We estimate the material requirements and place their prices by preparing the bill of material.
We prepare a roadmap for installation and plans with various details.
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Shalin Design: An Excellent Destination for Custom Cabinet Millwork Design & Drawing Services

Shalin Design is an excellent destination for finding custom cabinet millwork design services for the following reasons.
cabinet millwork drafting
We offer highly competitive rates in the market. So, you can get high-end services for cheaper.
We facilitate our clients by giving essential details in drawing and design. So, a wood mill can work to create highly customized cabinet furniture meeting your bespoke requirements. In short, our drawings are production ready.
We keep our clients in the loop. We invite them to provide feedback and incorporate the same in our work to make it meaningful. In addition, we give them direct access to our drawing team through project management software.
We provide proactive support by recognizing the issues in advance and providing essential support before they arise. As a result, it lowers the incidents of errors and problems in the product’s production.
Our design and drawing team provides a fast turnaround so you can get the design ready before deadlines. However, despite rapid production, we never miss the quality of our deliverables.
We behave professionally and provide satisfactory solutions to every query raised by our patrons.
We show solidarity and teamwork when working on challenging projects. We run several brainstorming sessions and have solid internal communication to come up with viable and feasible solutions.
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