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Be it a construction industry; be it a manufacturing industry; be it an automotive industry; be it any engineering industry, you need an CAD designer.

In old days, engineering designers were using paper sheets, canvas, or similar materials with pen or pencils to draw engineering drawings. Today, we have computers to aid in designing so it is termed Computer-Aided Designing or CAD. The software comes with similar to advanced tools sets and facilities that you never have imagined in paper-based designs or even in solid object modeling.

With this background, I would like to give you some precious info that you can use while writing a job description to hire a CAD designer or personally taking an interview of the prospective candidate for your requirement.

In any hiring, we look for two aspects: Hire for Characters and hire for Skills.

In hiring for characters, we sought after attitude and personality. In hiring for skills, we think of technical skills that the candidate has acquired either through formal education or experience in the field.

Today, we are living in the post-COVID-19 era, and remote work is a new norm. Moreover, outsourcing is a compulsion, thanks to a stiffly competitive market. In such cases finding the right candidate for hiring a CAD designer endeavor is tough,

Fortunately, our systemic approach to the hiring process can make it somewhat easier and streamlined process. So, let’s take the first step:

Knowing the Main Responsibilities of a CAD Designer

  • Your CAD designer must have adequate familiarity and expertise in 2D drafting software and 3D modeling software. For instance AutoCAD for 2D drafting and SolidWorks for a mechanical engineering designer or Revit for an architectural/civil engineering project.
  • Your CAD designer should have knowledge of maths, trigonometry, engineering terms, material properties, and industry by and large. So, an engineering certificate, diploma, or degree as education is required.
  • We cannot deny the analytic capability, and data analysis is a must skill for a CAD designer. It empowers them to come up with bespoke solutions within different contexts and demands from different projects.
  • Knowledge of different industry standards is a must-have skill for your prospective CAD designer.

Expected Characters in Hiring A CAD Designer

Let’s see some expected characteristics we should look into a CAD designer during hiring a CAD designer process.

Your CAD Designer Must Be Curious

Curiosity is the key motivational factor behind learning. Your designer should be curious enough to know what works, why it works, and what will work better.

CAD Designer Must Be A Good Learner

Besides curiosity, your CAD designer should have good grasping power and courage to jump in learning innovative technologies, techniques, and tactics. The software industry is an ever-changing field and your designer should be ready to learn preferred tools and software.

Your CAD Designer Should Have Self-confidence

Expertise in software and extended experience in the field always make your CAD designer self-reliant. If something goes wrong, your designer should take a polite objection and present what is right from their perspective.

Such self-confidence becomes the key to the emergence of an innovative idea, cost-effective project end, and great time saver.

Should Be A Good Listener First, Then a Speaker

Listening to others is a good character in itself. It must be learned with practice and awareness. Active listening not only gives satisfaction to other parties but also enables you to be a good learner.

In the profession clients or customers always is a king and you have to listen to your customers actively. So, you can act accordingly and provide them utmost satisfaction. It means your CAD designer should be a good listener first then a good speaker. It is a surefire way to present your case successfully to your patrons.

Contextual Understanding

Designing a product always gives challenges through various constraints and different contexts to the designers. For instance, designing a 2D/3D model of a home may have an influence on local codes and conducts. Similarly, an automobile part design has design constraints due to its utility in different conditions.

Your designer should have such contextual understanding and come up with appropriate ideas.

Adaptive To Changes

In the early days, we had only AutoCAD as 2D/3D drafting software. Then, Revit came as a 3D BIM modeling software. Today, tech-savvy people are enthusiastic about Augmented Reality (AR) and the amalgamation of AI or artificial intelligence technologies in the field of CAD designing.

Your CAD designer should be capable of adopting any upcoming technology that the market needs the most.

Path Finder

Despite various constraints like manufacturing/construction, marketing, and client-specific demands, your CAD drafter should come up with an innovative idea that works in the real context for a client. Thus, you get a new path to traverse successfully.

Problem Solver

Client satisfaction always remains the prime goal in any profession or business. And clients come to you with their problems. The ultimate duty of your designer is to offer a design solution that can give your client complete satisfaction.

In short, your CAD designer should have a problem-solving ability that can give you more business and keep the loyalty of your customers intact.

Team Bird

CAD designing always requires teamwork. Working with a team means exchanging thoughts, skills, and experiences with other team members. Your designer must have the ability to be a team bird and cooperate with other members willingly.


Despite having a team bird, your designer should have the ability to work independently. Cooperation is one thing but independent nature is essential and the designer should have their own ideas, schedule, and style to stand apart from others.

Self Disciplined

As we said earlier your designer should have their own schedule of work. It means the absence of micromanagement. A designer should be aware of deadlines and expectations in a project. The designer should have the freedom to work at their own pace but without missing the goals and the best results at the end of the day.

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