Hiring A CAD Designer or Drafter in the UK

What Are the Benefits of Hiring A CAD Designer or Drafter in the UK?

Juliana seemed a little bit tense today. The reason behind this was Robert, her contractor. Juliana is an interior designer living in a big town in the U.K. with a sizable population and significant industry growth. Robert had signed three to four contracts simultaneously and as her business partner, Juliana had to work with him and do rapid drafting.

Juliana was counting on how she would manage several onsite meetings and jobs at once. Of course, she is good at CAD work but time constraint was the biggest issue for her. Anger was firing in her mind and her husband James recognized it.

He ran a quick search on his smartphone and found a famous and dependable freelance CAD designing agencyShalin Designs. He turned to Juliana and began placing some arguments in favor of outsourcing her work to a reliable CAD drafting and designing agency.

Why Should You Are Not Hiring A CAD Designer or CAD Drafter?

Yes, Juliana has been asked to give reasons for not hiring an in-house CAD designer or drafter in her small but expandable home office.

In response, she said, “We occasionally get multiple projects at a time, not always.” she was right about such uncertainty. An architect or designer/engineer cannot afford such luxury unless they have formed an agency together.

The next thing she showed James was the latest salary trends in the UK to hire a CAD designer or a CAD drafter.

cad designer salary in uk

Yes, she was not financially ready to bear an annual expenditure of £32K that’s all. Moreover, she knows she has to buy a new computer machine and a set of CAD software licenses to offer working facilities. She also explained to James about keeping payroll and tax accounts for that hiring.

Pros of CAD Designing

James has placed an argument in favor of manual drafting to save high expenditure on the purchase of computer and CAD software. Juliana disagreed here too, She also was aware of the cons of manual drafting, which is often prone to errors and time-consuming.

3D Modelling & Rendering

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software at its best, simulating 3D design out of 2D drafting automatically. If 3D CAD drawings have been rendered well with the right material and dimensions, you can see the real scenario of the entire construction using its Walkthrough features.

Easy to Replicate and Data Saving

CAD files are easy to replicate. It means you can make an unlimited copy of the same file whenever you want and with cloud storage wherever you need. You can save files for years and access them easily on compatible software.

For instance, you can create a 3D model in Revit and access it in 3D Max for rendering.

Real-time Changes & Collaborative Work Environment

The majority of CAD software has the required features to create a collaborative environment. It means if Juliana is working with a CAD designer in the UK, she can make a different plan or make changes in a portion of the entire plan with her laptop in the UK.

Moreover, it will happen without overwriting original drawings created by a CAD engineer in the team at Shalin Designs.

The reverse action is possible and Juliana can give instructions to the designing team and they can incorporate those changes in the plan and elevation drawings by individual engineers.

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Integrated CAD Package

There are nearly a dozen different CAD software available in the market for different industries and specific purposes. Suppose you are working in AutoCAD and want to shift those files into any CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software or CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) program, you can cut way down on time using your AutoCAD files.

What about Hire Freelance CAD Designer from Shalin Designs?

The next question was from James, “what about hiring a freelance CAD designer from Shalin Designs?”

“There are many aspects to look into.” – Juliana responded, then explained them briefly.

They Are Available Instantly

A CAD design agency always keeps a number of engineers on its payroll to meet the needs of engineers with expertise in different disciplines, such as civil, mechanical, electrical, etc.

Moreover, they ensure the availability of required force to meet usual requirements and emergency needs as well. They use multiple communication channels including instant messengers, VOIP, and video calls.

Charges Depend On Types of Projects & Their Hourly Rates

James has produced different pricing models available in the present market. In the international market, USD is the standard currency so you’ll find rates in it.

  • 2D CAD Engineering Drafting – $20-$50 per hour.
  • 3D CAD Modeling – $40-$100 per hour depending on the intricacy of the project.
  • 3D Rendering – $80-$100 per hour.
  • Architectural Drafting – $100+ per hour.


On-time work is a prime concern for most clientele in the CAD designing industry. The same was true for Juliana. However, James had warned her not to impose a strict and short deadline for such creative types of projects.

Otherwise, the charges will go up and you will remain anxious about the quality. If a client remains flexible and wishes to have quality work, outsourcing is the best bet.

Accuracy and Quality

In any industry, drafting drawings demands accuracy and Juliana was punctual about the precision of her drawings. So, when she read the promise made by Shalin Design to deliver precise drawings as per the needs of patrons, she seemed glad.

The same goes true for rendering where the designer needs visual quality, realistic-photo quality of product designing is a must condition, and experts at Shalin Designs meet it beautifully.

After visiting the Shalin Designs‘ website, Juliana confirmed the decision made by James to try their services this time and continue to work with Robert on more projects.