Bathroom Cabinet Design

Shalin Design helps you to make the right decisions for your bathroom cabinet designs. We extend our helping hands when you require order, safety, and comfort in your bathroom cabinet design. We help our clients to make the right selections for these essential pieces of furniture, keeping aesthetics, usability, and durability in mind.

Bathroom Cabinet Design Services
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Bathroom Cabinet Design Services at Shalin Design

  1. Vanity Unit :- It allows users to maximise the usage of available spaces under the basin. In addition, we provide simple to highly configurable designs for your bathroom cabinetry. For instance, you can define where the towel rails would be: in the middle, at one of the ends of the counter top. You will have a wide array of styles to choose from in our designs.
    You can choose from oval, round, or square shape basins filled with the personality you expect. In addition, you can select a mini to large-size design vanity unit for your bathroom.
  2. Auxiliary Unit :- It increases the storage capacity of your space. It comes with either castors or fixed ones. The movable option makes the most of every corner of the bathroom.
  3. Testing in Real-life Contexts:- Yes, our 3D CAD models behave akin to real-life objects and let you test the product prototypes in various conditions and contexts.
  4. Bathroom Counter top:- It’s a light and modern option to choose from. For example, reducing spaces or spaces where you want to create openness is good. You have many options: on the countertop, over the countertop, or under the countertop.
  5. Bathroom Column Units :-It’s in the shape of a vertical cupboard and eases the tidiness. In addition, it provides enough space to accommodate things for every member of the family.
  6. Cabinet Mirrors for Bathroom :-It’s an evergreen fashionable option in bathroom cabinet design. It also provides some storage capacity and acts as an ideal furniture item.

Bathroom Cabinet Design Process at Shalin Design

bathroom cabinet drawing
It depends on the layout and size of the bathroom.
It depends on the size of the vanity and your personal preferences or needs.
    You need to finalise the design detail, such as:
  • • Which wood spaces enable you to achieve the look you want?
  • • Which color or stain matches your design theme?
  • • What is your cabinet design: overlay or inset?
  • • Which style of doors and drawers should be?
We select a durable, stain-resistant countertop that stays clean and looks beautiful.
The selection of vanity hardware proves the game changer. It would be best if you also considered the choice of faucets, mirrors, and vanity lighting.

An Excellent Destination for Bathroom Cabinet Design Services

  1. We provide enough details :- We provide drafts and drawings with enough details so the team can start working on them immediately.
  2. We give standard drawings :- We use the standard icons, annotations, and units that every stakeholder can understand and follow in their work.
  3. We offer a fast turnaround time:- Our designers and drafters work fast on your project and produce high-quality outputs without much delay.
  4. Market competitive rates:- We offer highly competitive rates in the market without missing quality credentials.
  5. Get A Free Quote :-We have presented everything from our side. Now, it is your turn to give us your requirements and get a free quote from us.
Bathroom Cabinet Design Services

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