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Shalin Design is a Woodworking CAD design service. We take this traditional profession to the next level using the latest CAD technology providing excellent solutions for Woodworking CAD design. If you crave accuracy, efficiency, and cost benefits and promote company preference, our woodworking CAD designers are ready to deliver everything diligently at highly competitive rates and unbeatable quality.


Woodworking CAD Design Services at Shalin Design

We offer the following woodworking CAD design services at Shalin Design.

Designing Woodworking Projects

We design woodworking projects providing accuracy in measurements and detailed information for every object and its parts. We offer enough options to compare different design styles, sizes, and features of the furniture, wood frames, etc. We design different types of joinery for the entire assembly or parts.

Designing Jigs & Shop Aids

We consider several factors before we reach optimal design while designing for jigs and fixtures. We make the design much more controllable. We also create 1:1 plots to create templates or direct measurements in the shop.

Woodwork CAD Drafting

Designing Shop Layout & Planning

We design shop layouts and planning considering shop machine location, workflow, and other areas studied. You can do it virtually using our scheme, for providing various options.

Shop Drawings

We create drawings, especially for shop work. We consider everything needed to do woodwork in the shop environment. We deliver project outputs using standard sheets, annotations, and other details.

Cutting Diagrams

We create cutting diagrams in CAD design in advance by deciding or planning cuts in plywood sheets or other stock. It helps reduce costly errors and reduce waste.

Woodworking CAD Design Process at Shalin Design

We determine the functionality of each component involved in the woodworking project. We create 2D/3D drawings keeping these in mind.
We determine materials used in the woodworking project and create a material list or schedule in the CAD drawings. Our design also helps decide which tools, cutters, processing techniques, and waste calculation are required in the project.
We provide some thumbnail drawings to determine which types of router bits, shaper cutters, and other tools can be applied to construct the objects in the design. If specific tools are not available or expensive, we provide alternatives.
Suppose you need some minor modifications in design or tooling. We develop new thumbnails or redevelop existing ones citing minor changes instead of creating drawings from scratch.
We add further clarity by mentioning what clues, filters, and finishes you can apply with possible options. It helps you achieve advanced design for your woodworking CAD design projects.

Shalin Design: An Excellent Destination for Woodworking CAD Design

Shalin Design is an excellent destination for woodworking CAD design for the following reasons.
cabinet woodworking
We provide room for space optimization. Therefore, you will get easy access, walkways, safety requirements, organized desk seating in your office, and ease of maintenance of your building.
With our 360-degree visualization and realistic environment rendering, manufacturers and designers can quickly spot the flow in designs and rectify them. It may relate to structure, wood finish requirements, patterns, layouts, final shapes, and curves.
Our 3D CAD layouts help designers to test out all possible options for arrangements of wood products across your virtual spaces. It also allows architects to evaluate different designs and scenarios in a mutual context.
Our design helps manufacturers save more than 60% of their time on finalizing furniture design. Thus, they can start their work within a few days instead of months.
Our shop drawings with 3D CAD models provide accurate dimensioning of curves and regular shapes of the fit-out design. We give accurate details of tolerances to go to manufacturing directly. Contractors can obtain quantity take-offs and hardware to compute accurate cost estimations and efficiently develop construction schedules.
We provide detailed CAD drafting with annotations, footnotes, and field instructions that help correctly place various wood items in your spaces. We also offer instruction for field journey and installation with precisions that ultimately lead to minimum wood residues plus fast execution.
Our 3D CAD design has different 3D layers, color codes, and text styles specific to manufacturing construction schedules. Thus, tech & non-tech stakeholders can better understand drawings and accomplish their designated jobs/roles through a single file.

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