Room design

You want to update the look of your living room design, but the thought of paying an interior designer or contractor to make the necessary changes seems intimidating ? Consider this before you decide to spend yet another evening in a boring living room: Your home’s central area can be transformed for a reasonable price and with little physical labor.

Interior designers devote their entire life to learning the tiny details that make a space just right. A well-decorated living room is immediately captivating and striking while still being functionally designed for comfort and ease of use, much like a beautifully directed film. It might often be challenging to identify what is slightly awry in our own living rooms. But you’re aware that it exists. We spoke with interior designers and a residential architect to get some insight into the most typical living room design blunders that might be hurting our rooms.

Use symmetrical design elements

Our wonderful room’s paint colors, furniture designs, and wood finishes don’t have to match for it to look good, but they should make a harmonic whole. Utilizing a neutral color scheme throughout is one popular method for designing a great room with an open concept that is well-balanced. The visual flow can be unified by painting all the adjacent walls the same neutral color.

Create Comfortable Chat Areas 

To make a big room more appealing, use sofas, chairs, and cocktail tables to create cozy conversation zones. You can create the desired appearance by placing the furniture in a tight group with the seats facing one another. The region can be defined with the help of an area rug in a complementary hue.

Insert Focal Points 

If the architectural aspects of your great room do not naturally generate focus points, you can add design elements with eye-catching accent pieces and furnishings. Create focal points in your great room by employing a striking dining table in the dining area, a unique cocktail table in the living area, and an entertainment console with a fireplace insert in the entertainment space.

Select Stunning Lighting Fixtures

In an open-concept living room, a light bulb with a distinctive silhouette might help identify a certain space. When making your choices, choose lighting fixtures with corresponding designs that complement a finish, color, or material used elsewhere in your great room.  

Clearly delineate and divide living spaces

The living, dining, and entertainment spaces are all included in modern great rooms along with the kitchen. A bay window, a fireplace, or a breakfast bar are some examples of architectural and other features that help distinguish each space in big rooms. Using area rugs, color, pattern, and texture, you may divide the various sections. The furnishings you choose should complement the overall design while helping to define the space.

Take the Outside Inside

More than ever, indoor plants are fashionable. Find the ideal location for luxuriant indoor plants and take pleasure in bringing the outside inside. Choosing wallpaper and carpets with natural colors and patterns for a natural look is another way to bring the outside in. If you have a wonderful view, make sure to keep your door coverings and curtains open to the outside.

Add Color to the Space with an Accent Piece

Bring in a stunning accent piece to the living area to enliven the space if you really want to amaze your guests. To make a statement piece that you and your family will love, choose a stunning linear electric fireplace with dancing flames. Additionally, a gorgeous free-standing bar with a brass rail and artwork can make a powerful aesthetic statement.

Moveable artwork

Display your artwork in a gallery-like rotation. You’ll be astounded at the impact a small change can have. Moving your art can force you to take a fresh approach to redecorating the remainder of your living room. Denver-based To create a fresh vibe, Nadia Watts of Nadia Watts Design brought in a collection of artwork from other rooms and incorporated the colors from the paintings into the cushions. This established a previously nonexistent new relationship in the room, she claims.

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